With the release of XenMobile 9, Worx Mail and Worx Web are available for Windows 8.1 Phone The below steps will enable you to deploy the Worx apps to your Windows Phone 8.1 mobile device:

Please reference the Windows MDX wrapping process and FAQ before enabling the Worx Apps.

1- Before enrolling the windows 8.1 phone, you will need to create an Enterprise Application HUB with in XDM >MDM Policies>Windows Phone 8.x >Configurations >Enterprise Hub

2- Because we will be using MSFT built in enrollment application,we will push WorxHome upon enrollment using the Ent Hub. we will add WH and AETX file to the Hub

3- After the Ent Hub is created you can add it to the Windows Phone Default policy package.

4- you can now add Worx apps in to Appcontroller under the windows apps session. the processin appcontroller is using MDX same as in to IOS and Android.”make sure to set app as required”

We can now proceed to enroll windows 8.1 phone devices.

1- we will need to enroll the Windows 8.1 Phone. note we use the built in MSFT enrollment app from settings>Workplace> add account> user email address or UPN.

2- Enter user UPN or email address for auto discovery

3- Add the Xenmobile Device manager information yourxdmserver:8443/zdm/wpe

Please Note: if AutoDiscovery is enabled you will automatically connect to the XDM Server wont need to add Server FQDN referenced Edocs.


4- Once server information is discovered and user authenticated, you will see the XDM server information and account successfully added, Install company app will display (ent hub) what will install worxhome.

5- Navigate to the windows app section, noticed that WorxHome is displayed as new application. ‘make sure to launch WH right away to complete enrollment process”

6- Launch WorxHome, you will see Worx apps starting to get installed.

7- Worx Apps will be in the windows app section, you can also Pin them to the Start Menu.