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XenMobile AppController allows an admin to manage Web & SaaS, MDX apps, ShareFile and Public App Stores. A typical network topology of an enterprise involves the AppController being deployed in the core network where outbound access is usually restricted. To configure and manage apps such as ShareFile and other SaaS and Public/native apps, the AppController needs to have outbound access and this can be achieved by configuring the web proxy server through the command line console of the AppController.

The web proxy server can be configured with both modes, unsecure (HTTP) as well as secure (HTTPS)

Note: The web proxy does not work with Google Apps or the Salesforce application if you configure the web proxy with authentication.

To configure the web proxy server

1)      Logon to the CLI of the AppController using the console or an SSH tool
2)      Enable the Allow support access option on the AppC if using an SSH tool

Allow support access

3)      Login as admin
4)      For the second time the login prompt shows up, enter username as admin followed by the AppController password 

AppController CLI Access

5)      Enter option 3 (System)

System Menu

6)      Enter 7 (Web Proxy Server)
7)      Provide the details for the HTTP proxy server settings
8)      Provide the IP address and port number of the proxy server

Web Proxy Settings

9)      If ShareFile  needs to bypass the proxy server and use the local DNS, enter the ShareFile domain in the Web Proxy                Exclusion List
10)    Enter the Proxy Username
11)     Enter the Proxy Password

Web Proxy Configuration

12)    Similarly enter details if you desire to configure HTTPS proxy
)    Enter 0 to get back to the main menu
Enter 6 to logout of the console

Log Out

15) The admin can now proceed to configure ShareFile, SaaS apps and Public App Stores using the AppController ControlPoint portal