When you work for a global company hitting your inbox in the morning can be a daunting task. Whilst you are tucked up in bed getting some sleep the rest of the world is working and sending emails, lots of emails! Needless to say sorting through my inbox in the morning used to take a long time.

With the new XenMobile 9.0 WorxMail ‘Fast Sort’ feature I no longer dread sitting down at my desk in the morning. Fast Sort allows me to quickly triage my inbox from my iPhone or Android phone whilst getting my morning coffee, or while I am on the way to the gym or on the bus.

The Fast Sort option is accessed via a tab of a button in the WorxMail inbox –  with a quick swipe of my thumb down I can delete unwanted mail, a quick swipe up I can quickly save important emails and with a swipe left I can leave important emails unread for processing later. I can also read, forward, file and flag and save notes from my emails on the spot if I want to. Now when I sit at my desk in the morning I can instantly focus on what needs doing. Really, it’s changed the way I work and added a new level of efficiency to my day – and thats what mobile technology should be about right?!

When I was working for a Telco a few years ago we were always looking for the killer app – turns out it was email. And whilst you might have native mail and other vendors might provide other basic inbox functionality, there’s nothing quite like WorxMail Fast Sort. You should try it – it might change your life too!

Watch a demo of Fast Sort from Synergy 2014: