Webinar: Citrix and X-IO VDI Capacity Program Test Results

Too many organizations have needed to take a trip to the Emergency Room after deploying VDI infrastructures due to inconsistent storage performance. Many now believe the only answer is to deploy flash storage, resulting in an imbalance of cost, performance and risk. X-IO has solved this imbalance by demonstrating high performance VDI workloads at affordable cost levels, all with a design that requires no hardware intervention for at least five years.

Come join Citrix and X-IO to learn how Virtual Desktops, Virtual Apps, and X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element deliver a breakthrough in hybrid and traditional hard disk storage performance. One simple scale-out storage architecture for both write cache and user data storage, delivering the highest in end-user productivity.

X-IO and Citrix together can provide:

•  High availability storage for VDI that requires no hardware intervention throughout its lifecycle
•  Enterprise grade flash performance with HDD price advantages
•  Consistent performance and reliability – even at 100% capacity utilization
•  Unprecedented inclusive 5-Year warranty
•  Modular scale-out design allowing for predictable growth

This webinar will demonstrate how X-IO’s ISE technology completely disrupts todays challenge in VDI from an overall cost and performance perspective. We will also be presenting a case-study from a joint Citrix and X-IO customer highlighting the organization’s business and technology challenges and how X-IO and Citrix were able to address and positively impact their overall return-on-investment.

Date:Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Time: 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM PDT / 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM EST

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