This post is from the Mobility Experts team, providing you with technical how to’s, tips, and guides around specific use-cases. Please be sure to share any feedback in the comments and share this post to anyone who might benefit!

Disclaimer: All the findings in blog are based on XM9.0 Early Release and XM9.0 Release Candidate builds. Some changes may have been made in newer versions. This post is strictly for educational purpose only, as all the test cases have been implemented in local environment and real time implications are not considered.

We all have experienced the buzz Citrix XenMobile 9.0 has created and we all want to experience it early due to plethora of reasons. The intent of this blog is to act like a cheat sheet, rather than a reference guide, for your XM9.0 upgrade/installation.

I am not here to talk about step-by-step procedure to upgrade XenMobile, instead I want this post to be helpful as the first stop in-case you hit the wall while installing/upgrading XenMobile. Please feel free to comment and share your experiences in the comments section so that it helps other engineers, customers, users.

Before I talk about most common error messages and what they mean, lets look at the expected behavior when various versions of XenMobile components couple together.

It is always recommended to have all the components updated to latest version available. However if you have any IT policy restrictions while upgrading or just in-case you don’t want to upgrade few components while others are upgraded and if you want to know the expected behavior when the components are not in sync, the following matrix helps. 

Note: 8.7.1 and 9.0 are latest builds in XM8.7.1 and XM9.0 for individual components.

Before upgrade it is recommended to check the Service Accounts for MDM, MAM and NetScaler.

Common error messages while enrolling: 

  • “Please check your credentials. You may have mistyped them.”
    • Check Ldap settings on XDM server, check whether your authentication mode is UPN or sAMAccountName.
  • “Could not reach the server. Please verify your credentials”
    • Check DNS Settings.
    • Ports and Firewall.
  • “Access to your company network is not currently available”
    • Check if we have AppController’s Root Certificate in NetScaler for NS to trust AppController.
    • Check the Certificate on AGVIP, it is recommended that it is complete certificate chain.
    • Login Mode On AGVIP should be set to Smart Access Mode so that it enables clientless VPN settings that AppController requires.
  • “login exceeds maximum allowed users”
    • Check / Update NetScaler licenses.
    • Netscaler Gateway > Global Settings > Change Authentication Settings. Default value is 5 and change it.

Common error messages post enrollment:

  • “Unfortunately, Worx Home Has Stopped” when a WorxApp is launched.
    • Update the components to latest versions.
    • Check for wrapping issues.
  • “worx home cannot establish a connection. Please check your server address.” on Android, works fine on iOS.
    • MDX key should be 1024 with DSA algorithm
  • “Your app is being added to your home screen” and nothing happens.
    • Check APNS ports.
    • Check Communication between AGVIP and AppC.
  • Recurring “Worx Home: your app will become active again once worx home starts”
    • Tweak the Session Timeout perion on NetScaler and Re-authentication period on AppC as per requirement.
  • “Unable to Download Application “WorxMail” could not be installed at this time.”
    • Update the components to latest versions
    • Wrapping Issues

Top 5 things that I liked after the upgrade:

Citrix XenMobile 9.0 has a lot of new features compared to its predecessor. Here are the top 5 things I liked the most:

  • Improved Worx Ecosystem with WorxNotes, WorxEdit and WorxDesktop (tech preview).
  • Improved features and look and feel of WorxMail and WorxWeb.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Support
  • Simplify re-authentication using Inactivity Timer.
  • Android re-enrollment feature.

Apart from these there are other features like V6 licensing support, iOS Bulk Device enrolment, Decreased WorxHome app size, iOS Batterylife improvement, improved WorxMail Calendar, Improved Attachment viewing capabilities for WorxMail.