Beyond the buzz; why social media is important to your business

Social media is a buzzword with mass appeal and, like most buzz-worthy topics, it’s easy to dismiss as a fluff trend with little relevance to your business.

In fact, the opposite is true: social media has a strong business critical function. Just how important is social media to your business?

Social media sparks new ways to connect

People have shifted their behavior dramatically since the advent of the Internet era. Most of your customers live online and spend most of their time online on social media sites.

Social media has unlocked a higher plane of interactivity as people connect online with friends, colleagues and brands. They’re seeking and sharing thoughts, opinions and experiences with friends, their network — even perfect strangers. They’re making informed purchasing decisions based on socially-shared product information, recommendations and reviews.

Whether or not you’re on social media, people are already having social conversations relevant to your business – be a part of them!

Give your audience what they want

Just as customer behavior has shifted, so has their expectations for yours. People expect engaging content and responsive interaction from companies, figureheads and brands. The businesses who provide the attention and engagement your audience craves will reap exponential rewards.

Treat your social audience just as you would your favorite customer — make them feel special. Strike up conversations, ask their opinions, listen to them actively, give them relevant, helpful information and share entertaining, engaging bits of content.

Remember that your end goal is to connect with people and nurture those relationships. In doing so, you’ll naturally build brand awareness, capture new audiences, spread your influence and establish your expertise.
Social media marketing made easy with Citrix Social

Admittedly, finding the time to source, create or develop content that’s relevant for your audience can be challenging. That’s where Citrix Social comes in.

Citrix Social is our latest partner marketing too, giving you a quick and easy way to generate content your audience will find valuable. We provide you with instant access to a library of social-ready posts, saving you countless hours researching, reviewing and fine-tuning content that is meaningful for your social networks.

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CC photo credit Jason Howie