Hotfix CPVS61020 (Version 6.1.20) – For Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1 is available for download at  This is a comprehensive hotfix package that includes all the published fixes for Provisioning Services 6.1.  A full list of the new fixes included in this release can be found in the link above.  I would like however to highlight a few of the fixes that address the issues we have seen the most here in support.

  1. The Citrix Provisioning Services console shows incorrect vDisk replication status until the Stream Service is restarted.  [#LA5762]

This addresses replication errors that can lead to “No Server available for vDisk” messages, targets all booting to one of the PVS servers instead of load balancing, as well as replication status errors in the console.

  1. When merging vDisks, the absolute path for the virtual hard disk (VHD) and automatic virtual hard disk (AVHD) files might be used first instead of using the relative path.  [#LA5316]

This can cause a merge failure or might result in a corrupted merged disk. The issue occurs if the absolute path points to a wrong location after moving the vDisk around.  When using versioning the vdisk chain containing the path to the versioning and base files are written to vdisk header.  This can cause an issue when copying versioned vdisk to another location.  This fix will ensure the absolute path is always used when doing merges.

Feature Enhancement:

  1. This feature enhancement adds the ability to assign a Personal vDisk (PvD) to a PvD target device.

This allows administrators to reverse image a vDisk to update Virtual tools or install updated PVS Device software and reassign the updated disk without losing the PVD data.

Warning : Unless the vDisk is of the same lineage as the PvD target, the PvD software will erase all data of that PvD target at boot time, resulting in a complete loss of all data on that PvD target. It is your responsibility to ensure that the lineage is correct before assigning the new vDisk to a PvD target.