1.    Overview and Pre-requisites


WorxNotes is a business-class secure note taking application with email and calendar integration for streamlined mobile workflows.

  • Securely create, sync and share notes with specific user groups using WorxNotes with “one click” distribution and Outlook integration
  • Search and store notes simply through WorxNotes integration with Sharefile.

Note: WorxNotes integration with Outlook will be available in next release and this is currently available only for iOS devices.


WorxEdit is an easy-to-use editing tool on your mobile devices, allowing you to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

  • Open, view, create and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files
  • Collaborate with others using track change capability

Note: Currently WorxEdit is available only for iOS devices.

XenMobile AppController integrated with Sharefile along with WorxHome client can do a Single Sign-on to Sharefile, WorxNotes, WorxEdit mobile apps. This document contains the list of steps that needs to be done in order to accomplish this. Below is the list of pre-requisites:

1. XenMobile Artemis components

2. Artemis version of MDX toolkit

3. Sharefile admin account.

2.    Sharefile integration with AppController

Login to AppController ControlPoint Portal.

From Apps & Docs tab select Sharefile and click on edit.

Enter Sharefile domain name and from the drop down select the role to which you want to assign this application. Enter Sharefile admin credentials and hit save. When you hit save AppController will talk to Sharefile application using the above information and will push the SAML SSO settings to Sharefile.

Note 1: If a new user is added to this role (i.e. AD group) and if he does not have a Sharefile account, AppController will do an auto-provisioning into Sharefile. Users who are part of this role will only have access to this application.

Note 2: Make sure AppController is able to reach Sharefile.

Note 3: For testing purposes it is advised to take a Small AD Group to verify Role based provisioning.

Login to Sharefile using admin account and verify SAML SSO settings.

Login to AppController Admin portal using the following URL: https://<AppC IP>/admin and select Manage Users from the View drop down.

Click on Apps tab and select Sharefile application, verify whether the user is reconciled or not. Reconciled users can only experience SSO to Sharefile either using Sharefile,WorxNotes,WorxEdit mobile apps. SSO will not work if the user is not reconciled.

3.    Upload WorxNotes, WorxEdit, Sharefile MDX apps.

Login to AppController ControlPoint Portal.

Select iOS/Android and upload WorxNotes, WorxEdit and Sharefile MDX apps. Click Next twice and navigate to policies section.

Note: Currently WorxEdit is available only for iOS devices.

Provide your exchange server details in the policies section and save.

Note: WorxNotes integration with Outlook will be available in next release.

4.    WorxNotes, WorxEdit Validation on Mobile devices

Configure WorxHome using the XenMobile Server URL (i.e. MDM or NetScaler Gateway URL)

Download and install WorxNotes, WorxEdit and Sharefile MDX apps from WorxStore.

From your mobile device spring board Launch Sharefile MDX app, it should automatically log you into Sharefile without asking for login credentials.

From your Mobile device spring broad launch WorxNotes, you will see the below message, which indicates that SSO to WorxNotes is in progress using SAML authentication.

Note: If Sharefile is not configured in AppController under Apps & Docs, you will see the below screen asking to login using Sharefile credentials if configured properly SSO will happen to Sharefile.

After successful SSO you will see the below screen. Click on Skip for now and continue.

Click on create New NoteBook to create notes; These notes will be synchronized into your Sharefile account.

To verify connectivity between WorxNotes and Sharefile, Login to your Sharefile Account and you should be able to see a new folder with name WorxNotes.root

To verify WorxEdit and Sharefile integration, launch WorxEdit from your device spring board and you should be able to see the Sharefile folder under Cloud Folders.

Screenshot when AppController and Sharefile are integrated:

Screenshot without AppController and Sharefile integration:

5.    Important Notes for SSO failures

  • Use right versions of server and client components (XM 9.0)
  • Time Zone in IDP (AppController) and SP (Sharefile) should be same.
  • Domain users should have email address in Active Directory, as SAML token will be prepared using the email address available in Active Directory and also Sharefile accepts only email address as username.
  • SSO might fail if the user is not reconciled in Sharefile Application. AppController might take 20- 30 minutes to auto-provision a new user.
  • AppController and client device should be able to reach Sharefile.