The purpose of this blog is to provide step-by-step instructions for enrolling Windows Phone 8.1 device on XenMobile 9.0 environment.

For this, you would need to have the following pre-requisites:

  1. Windows Phone with 8.1 OS version
  2. XDM Server URL accessible publicly

If you want to go through Auto Discovery method, you need the XDM server enrolled with Citrix CloudOPs team.

For more information on Auto Discovery, check the below URL:

Step by step guidance

Follow the below steps in sequence if you have the above pre-reqs in place.

Step 1: On your Windows Mobile device, go to ‘Settings‘ -> click on ‘Workplace

Step 2: Click on ‘add account

Step 3: Enter your enterprise Email ID to enroll and tap ‘sign in

Step 4: Next, you will be prompted to enter the your XDM server URL

Ex: https://<hostname>:8443/zdm/wpe

Step 5: Based on the Auto Discovery configurations, you will have some of the following pre-populated, if not enter the required details:

  • Email Address (will be pre-populated)
  • Password
  • Username
  • Domain
  • Server (will be pre-populated. If not, you can re-enter the XDM server URL)

After you have entered the required details, click on ‘sign in

Note: If the user account that you are using to enroll, is not present in your enterprise AD, you will not be able to move forward.

Step 6: Once your account is added, select the check box ‘install company apps’ and click on ‘done

Step 7: This will show you the sever to which you are enrolled.

Step 8: If you tap on the enrolled server, you will get to the summary page where you can sync to the server – as needed.

Step 9: In the phone’s App store, you will find Worx Home listed.

Note: WorxHome will be pushed automatically by the XDM server that is used to enroll the device. It might take about 1-2 mins depending on the network speed. If it is not pushed even after that, sync the server as shown in Step 8.

Step 10: Tap on the ‘Worx Home’ app and it will setup the WorxHome and gives you a login page

Step 11: In the Log On page, enter your enterprise domain user name, password and passcode (if 2 factor authentication is configured)

Step 12: Once you tap on ‘Log on’ button, you will be prompted to create a new Worx Pin to access Worx Home (based on the configuration done in your XME environment)

Step 13: After creating Worx pin, you will get to enterprise app store page.

Step 14: Based on the configurations on your XME environment, you will get push notifications to install WorxWeb and WorxMail applications on to your device.

Step 15: Below screen shows you the Enterprise App Store with all the apps the user is entitled to, based on the role.

Step 16: When you install the apps from your company app store, they will be listed under apps section of the phone.

Step 17. Now your phone is enrolled to your company XME environment. You can start accessing/working on WorxApps.

Step 18: If you need to delete the enrollment, you can navigate to Settings ->Workplace. Here click on the XDM server URL that you have used to enroll the device. This will take you to summary page.

Step 19: At the bottom of the summary page, you will have ‘recycle bin’ icon. When you click on that, it will prompt if you want to delete the account.

Step 20: Tap the ‘delete‘ button and your phone will be de-enrolled from your company’s XME environment.

This concludes the blog.