Making XenApp better today, tomorrow and beyondTo help you and your customers better appreciate the scope and scale of XenApp going forward, the product team at Citrix is sharing what is in the works for the future of XenApp through an informative blog series called: ‘Making XenApp Better in 2014’.

In the blog series, Citrix product managers, engineers, and architects highlight many of the new and improved XenApp features under research and development into upcoming releases of XenApp and the underlying FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA).

The new architecture makes it easy for XenApp to deliver Windows apps and desktops in the cloud, datacenter, and across multiple Windows operating systems.

Each post in the series provides an in-depth look at the technical design decisions, key product improvements specifically based on customer and partner feedback, and how XenApp is making Windows apps and desktops delivery better today, tomorrow and beyond.

XenApp on FlexCast enables Citrix partners to accelerate product upgrade and increase services revenue. Learn more here: 5 Reasons to Move Up to XenApp 7.5.

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