We recently were able to produce a step by step video of how to utilize Citrix NetScaler’s CloudBridge Connector feature to elastically grow an internal workload utilizing the a NetScaler VPX within the SoftLayer cloud.

NetScaler CloudBridge Connector is a platinum edition feature within Citrix NetScaler ADC that allows you to connect two NetScalers together to create a layer two, or layer three, tunnel between data centers.  In the video we create a hybrid cloud environment by connecting our on premise NetScaler VPX with a NetScaler VPX housed within the SoftLayer Cloud.  The diagram below showcases the environment detailing both the SoftLayer Cloud and the Main Data Center, as well as the IPSec Tunnel housed by a GRE Tunnel which is created by CloudBridge Connector.
NetScaler CloudBridge Connector Environment

In the video we begin by demonstrating how to login to the SoftLayer control page, create a NetScaler VPX (shown below), and create an essential VPN connection into SoftLayer’s data center.  Note:This VPN connection is required to be able to login to the internal IP address of the NetScaler VPX for the initial configuration of the CloudBridge Connector Tunnel. For your reference:

The control page is located at: https://control.softlayer.com/

The SoftLayer VPN KB is located at: http://knowledgelayer.softlayer.com/topic/vpn.

Create a NetScaler VPX within SoftLayer
Once the NetScaler VPX has spun up and a VPN connection has been created we are able to begin to configure the NetScaler VPX within SoftLayer. In the video we enable the CloudBridge Connector feature and create the GRE and IPSec tunnels utilizing the NetScaler’s GUI on both sides of the tunnel.
Enable NetScaler CloudBridge Connector
NetScaler CloudBridge Connector
Once the tunnels have been created on both the SoftLayer Cloud and the Main Data Center we create our layer 3 routes within the NetScaler’s Network configuration.
NetScaler CloudBridge Connector Routes
After the routes and the CloudBridge Connector Tunnel has been created we are able to verify layer 3 connectivity between both data centers and grow our internal Load Balanced Virtual Server by utilizing the two web servers within our SoftLayer account.
NetScaler CloudBridge Connector Testing
We hope that this helps you to utilize the NetScaler’s CloudBridge Connector feature.  Be sure to check out our video above for a detailed step by step of how to configure the CloudBridge Connector Tunnel between SoftLayer and your main data center.