“User experience” is one of those buzz words that all EMM vendors do their best to weave into marketing collateral and content, but good user experience is more than just pretty screens. Citrix XenMobile 9.0 launching today, is largely focused on the business user experience and backs that up with redesigned interfaces, new productivity apps and integrated features that allow your mobile workforce to create streamlined workflows and accomplish mobile tasks with fewer steps.  When Citrix talks about user experience we mean the sum total of the interactions that the business user has with their mobile device including common workflows that are necessary for productivity.

In addition to streamlined workflows, user experience is closely tied to device choice.  We all have preferences when it comes to the devices we use in our daily lives.  BYOD should not limit device choice.  Working on a device that you’re used to and you’re comfortable with is an equally important part of your business user experience.  In addition to our current support for iOS and Android devices XenMobile 9.0 delivers EMM features and support for Windows Phone 8.1.

Is there anything more frustrating and nerve wracking than a rapidly draining device battery and limited access to charging resources?  One common misconception about EMM is the impact it will have on the battery life of a mobile device.  With each new release, XenMobile has greatly improved on battery consumption.  XenMobile 9.0, using new Background App Refresh capabilities, provides up to 83% improvement in battery usage.  In a Citrix lab environment devices were sent 200 emails over the course of 6 hours.  Results can be seen in the chart below.  The vertical axis represents percentage of battery life drain after the 6-hour study.

XenMobile is also introducing 3 new Worx productivity apps.  WorxNotes, WorxEdit and WorxDesktop round out a suite of applications that currently includes WorxMail, WorxWeb and ShareFile.  By name these are six different applications but through deep feature integration they work more like a system.  WorxEdit is available today.  WorxNotes and WorxDesktop are available as Tech Previews today.

Additionally, XenMobile bulk enrollment support for iOS and cross platform FIPS compliance for both iOS and Android device deployments allow IT to work quicker and deliver EMM solutions that enable user productivity without compromising on security.

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