TECHeGO, Inc. is a Podio Preferred Partner. TECHeGO, Inc. helps to create and implement tools that can be used by customers. TECHeGO, Inc. has successfully completed 91 Podio Implementations and 83 Technical Integrations for clients throughout the world. Of the 174 clients serviced each of their projects were broken into 6 distinct project phases.

Citrix Podio is the social collaboration tool that allows you to build apps and set up workspaces to support your preferred workflows and help you be more effective. Easily manage projects and other business processes and interact with clients, partners and team members, anytime, anywhere.

TECHeGO in collaboration with Citrix Podio developed Advanced Printing Templates (APT) for Podio.

APT is a subscription based extension that is based upon the usage of an organization and not the number of users on the system. In other words, you can have unlimited users, however, you are only charged per MB printed. The billing structure is similar to a cell phone data plan. Based on the rate plan selected you are allotted a number of Megabytes MB to use each month. Unused data remaining from the previous month will rollover to your next billing cycle to be used later.

With all of your company data contained inside of Podio it can be difficult and time consuming to get your data into the format you need to generate documents like:

  • Sales Quotes
  • Contracts
  • Brochures
  • Invoices
  • and much, much more.

With APT you are able to create an HTML based template where your podio data is turned into Variables that can be placed inside of your document templates. Once printed, these variables are converted into the data found in podio allowing you to pull together the documents you need with the click of a button.

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Now, we have verified the Advanced Printing Templates for Podio as Citrix Ready with Citrix Podio and happy to announce it as Citrix Ready verified product.

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