Technical questions are sometimes best answered in a group setting. Citrix Service Providers were able to ask questions live with Citrix technical experts from product management, engineering, architecture and more – on the two recent Citrix Service Provider Technical Office hours webinars.  In part one of our Citrix Service Provider Technical Office Hours blog series, we covered questions around Citrix Workspace Services, Mobile Workspaces and service provider reporting. Here are a few more of the questions from the Technical Office Hours webinar series.

Current Citrix Service Provider partners can view the full webinars under the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence Community section  – plus check out the questions below.

Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture: The Definitive Guide to Implementing as a Citrix Service Provider

Q. How should I plan to best implement Citrix technologies as a new service provider? A. Good news! The Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture is the definitive guide to implementing and supporting Citrix technologies. It includes considerations for Citrix partner products and your existing infrastructure- whether that’s an on premise or off premise data center, private cloud or public clouds. Implementing a multi-tenant environment is different than an enterprise environment – the Reference Architecture details what you need to successfully implement as a Citrix Service Provider. Find the Reference Architecture on the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence.

Q. Is there a new Reference Architecture coming soon? A. Citrix usual practices are to deliver an updated Reference Architecture following the major release of XenDesktop and XenApp. With the release of XenDesktop 7.5 and XenApp 7.5, a new Reference Architecture has been in the Citrix labs for testing. Stay tuned for the updated Reference Architecture, which will also include considerations for recent additions to the Citrix Service Provider program, like XenMobile with ShareFile and newly released versions of NetScaler.

Q. If I follow the Reference Architecture, does that make Citrix validation easier? A. Implementing in alignment with the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture is actually a requirement for Citrix validation. We’re seeing a lot of interest in Citrix Standard and Citrix Diamond validation – service providers see the value of earning additional accreditation for their environment, especially as those service providers looking to become a Citrix white-label hosting partner.   Learn more on the Citrix Service Provider validation web page.

App Orchestration – Deliver Hosted Desktops & Apps in Multi-Tenant Environments

Citrix App Orchestration helps hosted service providers manage, orchestrate, and automate the delivery of applications and desktops in multi-tenant environments and across multiple locations, products, sites or farms, Active Directory domains and datacenters.

While many of the questions relate to NDA roadmap, check out the complete App Orchestration webpage for videos, demos, FAQs and more details.

The Business Details: Qualifying for No-Charge Technical Support, Keeping Certifications Current

Q. How do I know if I qualify for no-charge technical support? A. Citrix Service Providers who consistently report more than $300 USD/month over a full quarter qualify for no charge 24×7 Citrix technical support. Service providers will be notified by their distributor when they qualify and receive a support PIN.   Remember support incidents can only be submitted by a Citrix-certified member of your staff. Any Citrix Service Providers not yet billing the qualifying amount can purchase a Citrix technical support contract from their Citrix service provider distributor.

Q. Can I obtain technical support for all of my Citrix licenses through this offer? A. If a Citrix Service Provider qualifies for no-charge technical support (billing more than $300 USD/month over a quarter), the technical support is for the service provider licenses only. Any open source licenses, such as XenServer for Base users, or any Citrix technologies licensed on Citrix Solution Advisor pricing wouldn’t be covered by the service provider support offer.

Q. What are the certification requirements? A. Citrix Service Providers must have two staff who are currently CCIA certified (or higher).  Certifications can be obtained in online courses through Citrix Education – and remember your ticket to Citrix Summit or Citrix Synergy usually includes a no-charge certification exam.  Be sure to link your personal certifications to your current employer so it’s listed in the Citrix Partner Locator when someone searches your firm.  (Also: note Citrix certifications are recognized as one of the highest paying positions in the industry – read more!).

Keep Current on the Latest Citrix Service Provider Technical Announcements

Again, current Citrix Service Provider partners can view the full webinars under the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence Community section. Find the latest Citrix Service Provider technical news on the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence and the Citrix Service Provider Twitter @citrixcsp.

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