Now, new and exciting news if you are an Americas Citrix Solution Advisor! Coming in July, Citrix Marketing Concierge will provide the capability to apply Citrix Marketing Funds for purchasing Full Service Marketing Activities, from within the CMC platform.

By integrating functionality from the current Funds Management platform, as an Americas CSA, you will now be able to view your available funds at a glance, order turn-key Full Service Marketing Activities, and use your accrued Citrix Marketing Funds towards your purchase and payment, all in a new way within Citrix Marketing Concierge.

Beginning on July 1, 2014, as a Citrix partner with MDF/Coop or Strategic funds, you will be able to log into the Citrix Marketing Concierge platform, and see all of your available and expiring funds on your Citrix Marketing Concierge homepage. With easy hover over functionality, you will be able to quickly choose which funds you would like to commit to marketing activities, and purchase them through Full Service Marketing. All new marketing activities will be uploaded and offered directly from authorized third-party marketing services vendors to support your demand generation needs.

And you know what the best part is? As an Americas Partner, when you submit a request to order online, a commitment is created and submitted automatically against your Citrix Marketing Funds. Citrix will work directly with the third-party marketing service vendors to ensure payment, and no money needs to leave your hands.

Live Americas GoTo Webinar trainings will happen in early July on Tuesday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 29th. These live trainings will highlight the new Full Service Marketing functionality. Be on the lookout for your exclusive invitation to register for one of these webinars. We don’t want you to miss these one-hour webinars, which will also include an overview of Citrix Marketing Concierge and the Citrix Key Plays – why they are important for commitments and for partner marketing planning, and what new campaigns are being offered around each Key Play. Invitations will be sent soon!

For more information, please contact the Americas Channel Marketing team at or follow us on Twitter @CitrixDemandGen and @ctxmkgconcierge.