Receiver for Web is a component of Citrix StoreFront providing access to applications and desktops using a Web browser. It comprises a User Interface tier and a StoreFront Services Web Proxy tier. This architecture is illustrated below.

The Web Proxy tier is a bridge between the UI tier and the StoreFront Services (namely the Authentication Service and the Store Service). It provides a simplified API suitable for consumption by a JavaScript/Ajax client running in a Web browser.

The main operations available through this API include:

  • Authenticating users through a variety of methods: explicit forms, domain pass-through, smart card, NetScaler Gateway Single Sign-On and post credentials.
  • Enumerating applications/desktops.
  • Enumerating available HDX sessions.
  • Reconnecting, disconnecting and logging off HDX sessions.
  • Launching applications/desktops.
  • Powering off specific VDI desktops.
  • Retrieving images and icons for applications/desktops.
  • Subscribing to applications.

This API is useful for anyone who wants to write a new Web UI or integrate StoreFront into their own Web portal.  It is now available from here (MyCitrix credentials required). The package contains the full API documentation and an example web page showing how to use the API.