Last September Amazon released the enterprise-ready 3rd generation Kindle Fire tablet, leading us to welcome Amazon to enterprise mobility and recommend we all brace ourselves for accelerating innovation and consumerization of IT.

Well here we are again as Amazon took little time take another big step into the world of mobility.  Today Amazon announced the late July launch of the Fire Phone.  While the device is clearly targeted at the consumer market, it is specifically the great consumer-first devices that quickly find their way into the halls of businesses all around the world.

Our personal and work lives have never been more intertwined and there is little doubt the Fire Phone will soon be in the pockets of XenMobile users around the world.  And don’t worry, just like last year, we are working closely with Amazon to make sure on launch day our customers can say yes to their users and still protect the interests of their company.

We can’t wait to see how big the Fire gets!

Image source: Amazon