Guide your customers on their mobile workspaces journey

A mobile workspace is a portable, always-on, always-connected working environment that follows an individual regardless of location, device type or connectivity.

It’s also an emerging market that has been validated by top industry analyst firms (Gartner, Forrester, IDC) and has the potential to grow 15-fold in the next three years.

Citrix technologies securely deliver apps, desktops, files and services seamlessly to any user, on any device, over any network. Each Citrix solution plays a role in delivering a mobile workspace. As an example:

  • XenDesktop securely delivers virtual desktops and apps on any device
  • XenApp mobilizes and secures Windows apps on any device
  • XenMobile securely manages and secures mobile apps and devices
  • GoToMeeting empowers people to meet and collaborate with anyone, anywhere
  • ShareFile securely shares and syncs corporate data from any location
  • NetScaler secures and optimizes app delivery on any network
  • CloudBridge accelerates app delivery to remote workers on any network
  • CloudPlatform orchestrates and provisions apps, desktops and IT services from any cloud

New Citrix Workspace Suite

While each of the components in the Citrix portfolio plays a part in delivering a mobile workspace, the new Citrix Workspace Suite conveniently combines many of them to give customers a full solution so they can get started.

Citrix Workspace Suite, the industry’s first and only complete mobile workspace solution, was unveiled at Citrix Synergy and is available now as a single, integrated product. It brings together Windows app security and delivery, high-performance virtual desktops, secure mobile app and device management including Worx productivity apps, secure on-premise data sync and share, secure remote access, WAN optimization, and more.

Citrix Workspace Suite offers you a unique opportunity to help existing customers go mobile, spark interest among new customers with a complete solution and encourage strategic investment for the future – while demonstrating Citrix leadership across all categories that comprise a true mobile workspace. In fact, Citrix ranks #1 or #2 in every category included within the suite.

Why now?

Market forces such as IT consumerization, device proliferation and expectations of new generations of workers are driving the explosive growth of mobility. Companies believe mobility will enhance business agility, increase employee productivity and satisfaction and promote business growth. For example, a survey of members of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers listed “Mobile Workforce: Technologies and Solutions” as their #3 priority for 2014.1 However, organizations need a new strategy for mobility.

To address this strong mobility trend while helping customers avoid the complexity of solutions involving multiple vendors and point products that need to be integrated and managed, Citrix delivered the Workspace Suite. The suite is the only solution to deliver all of the critical components needed to realize a mobile workspace. It combines our 25 years of leadership in application and desktop virtualization with more recent acquisitions in mobility, data sharing, networking and cloud services, where we have quickly established a market leadership position thanks to a relentless focus on customer experience and simplified IT management and orchestration.

Further, the Citrix Workspace Suite is supported by our ongoing commitment to intelligent integration of the underlying technologies, planned for the future, to ensure this platform continues to deliver value and a best-in-class customer experience over time.

Win with the Citrix Workspace Suite

This new offering, targeting a hot market category that is top of mind for IT executives, provides a great opportunity to win new customers, expand the infrastructure of existing customers and deliver great value to everyone. Partners, get the game plan.

Broaden your skills

Any Citrix partner can sell the Citrix Workspace Suite. The most successful implementation requires expertise in virtualization, networking and enterprise mobility management.

Earning new Citrix solution-focused certifications is a great way to expand your core practice. Citrix Education has Workspace Suite courses available to ensure your IT team has the skills to keep your enterprise mobility solution ahead of the curve.

In the interim, you can leverage the Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix validated design and the marketecture diagrams on SalesIQ to understand more about how it all comes together.

As an emerging market, mobile workspaces are expected to gain increasing momentum with the press, analysts and customers. When you discuss mobile workspaces, you’ll gain credibility and relevance from being on the cutting edge of the latest technology trend in the mobility market.

Visit Citrix SalesIQ for more information including an FAQ on mobile workspaces, an FAQ on Citrix Workspace Suite and additional pricing and licensing details and customer presentations to support your conversations on Citrix Workspace Suite.

View the Citrix mobile workspace infographic.

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