Aligned Partners = Aligned Technologies.

And I’m happy to report that our Citrix relationship with Cisco is highly aligned in the Desktops-as-a-Service and mobile workspaces areas — specifically for service providers.

Our most recent joint technical work explains how we are aligning our Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Reference Architecture with Cisco infrastructure products: Optimize the Mobile Experience for Your Subscribers: Deploy a Citrix and Cisco Desktop-as-a-Service Solution at Cloud Scale [PDF]

The above paper explains how we’re helping providers rapidly deploy DaaS functionality and manage it at cloud scale. Both Cisco and Citrix engineers have validated a Citrix new DaaS reference architecture that’s hosted on the Cisco Unified Data Center (UDC) architecture. The UDC platform architecture delivers very high user densities, outstanding performance, proven Cisco network reliability and security, and easy deployment and manageability — all with a rich HDX mobile user experience one would expect from Citrix.

Briefly, we’re jointly supporting

  • Approaches for a variety of multi-tenancy isolation models.
  • Simplified administration and management across multiple data centers.
  • Intuitive infrastructure management and low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Easy platform expansion.
  • Exceptional simplicity for provisioning and on-boarding.
  • Continually-optimized Citrix HDX user experience

Frankly, the Cisco UDC platform is ideal for DaaS infrastructure workloads. Large memory footprints and high virtualization performance mean that Cisco Cloud and Citrix Service Providers can consolidate workloads and deploy denser physical systems. The architecture also uses Cisco single-connect networking that radically simplifies cabling and physical configuration (gotta love converged infrastructure!)

In the future, stay tuned for additional progress and announcements about the Cisco DaaS Solution with Citrix…

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