Because a large number of resellers and IT consultants target the growing healthcare sector, standing out from the competition is important. Burwood Group, a Chicago-based technology-consulting firm, has taken the unusual step of hiring clinical experts who bring credibility and practical experience to the customer conversation. These nurses, physicians and experienced healthcare IT (HIT) professionals and associates contribute valuable perspectives regarding hospital challenges, regulatory mandates, clinical workflows and communication systems to guide the design of IT solutions that will actually be adopted by hospital workers.

Burwood Group’s clinical experts play a crucial role in resolving the common disconnect between a hospital’s IT team and its clinical staff. Kathleen Harmon, chief nurse executive, explained, “IT may not understand the practical implications of a new solution in the daily workflow of nurses, technicians and doctors. We help bridge the gap between all key stakeholders by contributing our clinical perspectives and healthcare experience to the discussion.”

Thanks to direct acute care, physician workflow, and healthcare IT experience, Burwood Group’s healthcare team is able to provide smarter solutions that result in better outcomes, whether it’s higher patient satisfaction or greater clinician mobility, as in the case of Via Christi Health. This value-add has helped Burwood deliver tailored solutions to more than 170 healthcare organizations over the past 15 years.

Although Burwood’s solutions for hospitals have traditionally focused on virtualization and networking, there is increasing emphasis on mobility and the tools needed to streamline access and manage and secure mobile devices, apps and data. “Many hospitals lagged behind in IT because they were focused on other issues, such as mergers and acquisitions. However, they are catching up fast,” Harmon said. “Our unique approach to customer engagements will continue to drive success as HIT evolves.”

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