Email has a fascinating and a very rich history!  And we have continued to build on that history by making email the primary way we communicate today.  In spite of the messaging and social media applications that are prevalent, we still look to email as our primary method of communication, particularly in the business setting.  Email has come a long way from being used exclusively in elite institutions to where we are today with the slick email apps in everyone’s pocket!  Smartphones and tablets have only hastened the pace of innovation.  A recent report we published on “Top Enterprise Mobility Trends” states that email clients continue to be the top downloaded applications by our customers.  The infographic illustrates mail clients listed as both the top whitelisted and top blacklisted apps by enterprise IT.

So what is this love-hate relationship that IT has with the native mail clients offered by the mobile platforms and the email apps designed for business use?  Mobile workers access email on smartphones/tablets more often than on a PC/laptop.  They need a simple, clean and intuitive interface to navigate through the emails quickly and get their tasks done faster.

The Issue with Native Email Apps

The native mobile email apps were originally designed for consumers.  As these smartphones and tablets proliferated in the enterprise, both users and IT realized that the productivity and security capabilities delivered by these native mobile email apps were inadequate.

Citrix WorxMail

WorxMail is a containerized email, calendar and contact application that offers a superior user experience for business users compared to native email apps.  The app integrations and capabilities WorxMail offers provide a simple, quick and an effective way for end users to get their job done.

My typical workday includes the following set of tasks:

If I have to accomplish these tasks, I would need to go back and forth between the following apps:

  • Calendar app
  • Online meeting/conferencing app
  • File sync ‘n share app
  • Note taking app
  • Document editing app
  • Email app

The lack of interaction between these apps makes it harder for me to get my job done in a few clicks.  Citrix WorxMail addresses this gap left by the native email client to accomplish common business workflows.  Now let us consider the same workflow, but with Citrix apps this time:

With WorxMail, I can schedule a meeting, add conference bridge information (Citrix GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx or Microsoft Lync), join an online conference (video/audio) at the “touch of a button”, attach ShareFile links to one or more documents, take meeting notes and email the notes to all the meeting invitees at the click of a single button – and accomplish all of this from within my WorxMail app!

(Teaser: A video is in the works; stay tuned!)

Citrix Defines the Game

In just the past week, we have seen some acquisitions/product announcements by several players in the mobility space.  Google acquired Divide, Symantec picked up Nitrodesk and Apple announced some updates to their native email client with iOS8. The acquisition announcements of the last two dedicated enterprise email app vendors have left several other pure play MDM players without a clear email strategy.  These moves clearly validate Citrix’s vision that a secure email solution with business grade capabilities is necessary to prevent email from becoming an enterprise’s weakest link. WorxMail is a important app that help us deliver on the Workflow Driven Productivity promise!

Keep Calm and WorxMail On!