To keep people productive you must have a comprehensive app delivery strategy, but what are the technical considerations of different approaches? Which approach — native, containerized, and virtual apps — best meets the various mobile use cases?

The Citrix Mobility 2014 Survey showed that the mobile app use case in the enterprise is growing. It’s no longer about just securing email…for an enterprise to remain agile and address workforce productivity it become necessary to securely deliver access to SharePoint, corporate data, intranet sites, collaboration tolls and lines of business apps. Phil Redman outlined this clearly in his blog about The Enterprise Mobile Application Dilemma.

So that brings us to some important questions:

  • Why develop a secure mobile app strategy?
  • What is the best approach to app delivery?
  • How to build a future-proof solution?

Join Christopher Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager for as he discusses design elements for an integrated app delivery and management infrastructure.


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