During a design phase of a ShareFile Enterprise solution, part of the discussion should involve the backup and restore process.
Having clear what are the tools, the ShareFile Admins could use to manage the data, it is important to guarantee the best user experience. The backup and restore tools, available on ShareFile Enterprise, allow, when a user delete a file from its work-space, to restore it directly from the persistent storage configured within the StorageZone Zone, till 14 days.

After this period the “cleanup service” will delete the file.

Then below the 3 restore options available on ShareFile Enterprise:

  1.  Till the day 7th a user could restore the files by itself from the recycle bin – more info  http://support.citrixonline.com/en_US/sharefile/help_files/SF040031?title=What+is+the+Recycle+Bin 
  2. After the day 7th, till the day 14th, the restore operation has to be done by ShareFile Administrators from the console ( admin> StorageZone > Recover File )
  3. After the day 14th by administrator with the console ( admin> StorageZone > Recover File )  + restore script http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/sharefile-storagezones-22/sf-manage-recover.html 

About the option 3 :

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