Citrix Netscaler advanced health monitoring, could prevent failing servers to take requests from users, preventing down time and lost of productivity .A proper NetScaler Monitor will validate the XenMobile Device Manager service state to avoid user’s requests to be answered by a malfunctioning server.

In this scenario we will use an internal XenMobileDevice Manager Web directory that will provide a Receive String “status”:”OK”

Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Monitors and click “Add…” to create a custom health check for XenMobile Device Manager with the following settings:

Name: XDM_Health_Monitor

Send String: Get /zdm/cxf/public/getserverinfo
Receive String “status”:”OK”

Click “Create” and “Close”

You can now bind this Health Monitor to your XenMobile Device Manager Service or Service group.

Thanks to Jeff Sani for help creating this custom monitor.