NetScaler AppFirewall blocks both known and unknown attacks against web and web services applications, using an advanced hybrid security model. The new AppFirewall models are MPX 5650, MPX 8005, MPX 11515, MPX 11520 and MPX 11540.  The new models align with the latest updated hardware within the NetScaler ADC product line. This allows customers to upgrade from a Stand-alone AppFirewall to a full NetScaler ADC license without changing hardware models.

As before, these new models support edition upgrades from Stand-alone NetScaler AppFirewall to the corresponding NetScaler Platinum edition. The 115xx series supports Pay-As-You-Grow scalability not available from our competitors:

AppFirewall MPX 11515 —> AppFirewall MPX11520

AppFirewall MPX 11520 —> AppFirewall MPX11530

AppFirewall MPX 11530 —> AppFirewall MPX11540

For more details on NetScaler AppFirewall and latest models, check out NetScaler AppFirewall link.