Seoul is such a great place to see and I always feel very productive when meeting with Citrix Korea team as several customer visits and partner meetings are lined up during the visit. And with each visit, I always learn about the culture and appreciate the tenacity that the Citrix team and customers have.  During my visit last month, I got to learn many different customers’ networking need and requirements but the real discussions are when we go for coffee or red ginseng tea – which I learn a lot of local folks drink to help relieve stress.  Now I learn the secret of what makes some of Citrix local team calm even while facing many different tasks :-).  Same goes when meeting with customers/partners for lunch or local drink then we can really talk about the network setup, customers need as well as what it takes to launch a project etc.

This last visit, I also had a press conference, which was very well organized by Citrix Korea team with several insightful and detailed oriented journalists.  In addition, I had a one-on-one interview where we talk about all the NetScaler security features such as the different DDoS, SQL injection, cross-site scripting protections and many other network and app security capabilities that have been there with NetScaler for many years now.  So whether I am here in the US or Europe talking to customers about the security features, similar cyber attacks are happening in other parts of the world although it is more localized targeting institution and local financial companies where data were stolen. The discussions focused on NetScaler having broad security features for network and application layer security needs.

If you look up Han River in Seoul, it talks about how it is one of the most scenic rivers that has many bridges and different trails/routes to take.   NetScaler also have many different options and capabilities like a Swiss-army-knife that even as simple as the latest KB article where it shows better decoding capabilities so that NetScaler can prevent attacks to backend servers as well as improve false positives for SQL attacks.

While IT admins are welcome to try out some Red Ginseng Tea and/or Soju for relieving stress, NetScaler can also help IT admins ensure network environments can have better protections while providing scalability and performance.

 The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix