It seemed it was just yesterday when I first started Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for the Computer Engineering (CPE) program.  One of many memorable moments that I can remember so well is the Week of Welcome (WOW) where someone on stage told all of us to look at the person in your left and your right – as you are all best of best from variety of schools but yet only one of the 3 of you will be there at end of this program.  Of course, being adetermined freshman at the time, I wanted to be one of the three (not my left and my right) to complete the program :-).   The courses can be very tough but taught me the engineering fundamentals and to learn to work with teams/classmates to get projects/computer programs/electrical circuits projects done.   So now to be in the Industrial Advisory board (IAB) and discuss the curriculum and how it applies to industry trends with changes in technology, Internet of things and gadgets especially as a representative from Citrix with Mobile Workspace technologies – it is such a wonderful thing!   This past week’s IAB mtg finished the day with a Computer Engineering Banquet show casing student’s innovative ideas and making a difference already in such a young age.  I got to talk to a few of the students during the event and some asked about all the math courses they are taking and why they have to take so many for this program.   For me, it is the ability to do critical thinking and to use as many of the math fundamentals given to you to solve a problem which is similar to what we do every day at work.  Whether it is a problem in a region or an issue with customer, same logical and critical thinking applies.  So, for those CPE grads willing to stay in touch with the college, feel free to reach out to CPE contact – they would be happy here from you.  As you can see in this pic, I was sitting next to IAB member from Cisco so it is like being at work already with Cisco and Citrix closely integrated solutions we have.