I love blogging but frustration has been taking hold of late!!! So much to talk about and share with the greater Citrix community but so little time to archive it to my XD Tipster blog series.

A common problem facing many part-time blogging enthuasists i’m sure but I have a solution, a new mantra if you will. It is time to stop treating each and every blog post like a work of art that takes half a day to publish and just blog it. Get it out the door. Set it free. UNLEASH it onto the ravenous Citrix community.

So there you have it. It’s official, @XDtipster’s updated post Synergy 2014 Mantra: JUST BLOG IT.

What does this mean for the XD Tipster Blog series? More frequent & snappier to the point, blog postings. That’s the plan anyway… lets see how it pans out. I’m hopeful.

Synergy 2014 Anaheim, Los Angeles, CA .  My favourite to date for sure.  Once again I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to co-develope and co-present with the first lady of  Citrix Worldwide Support Readiness and one of my best friends and favourite people in Citrix, Mrs Kimberly Ferrie. We had a blast!!! Great attendees, rock solid labs (for the most part!), plenty of fun and jokes about male pattern baldness and most importantly some valuable learning.

For those who didn’t get an opportunity to start out on the Journey to the Center of XenDesktop with Myself and Kim then fret not! our presentation and lab guide can be downloaded NOW from the My Event Planning Tool @ http://www.citrixsynergy.com/

We laughed, we cried, we networked and met some really cool people (@RemyTCO, @chrispofahl & @DavidSmith_IT), we tweeted (while drunk, never a good idea!), we bonded, we partied hard @ the M7 party with @CtxShaun, @NStipster, @XMinformer, @XMtipster, @neilspellings, @citrixreadiness@rollinncoaster, @RemyTCO,  & MarkT. We even executed the very first Support Readiness Flash Mob (It’s all good @XMtipster!!!) #GoodTimes #Camaraderie #GreatMemories

To our super cool and supportive facilitators Mr Ryan Butler and Mr Shaun Wendland. We salute you.  We really couldn’t have done it without you guys, well… maybe we could, but still. You guys were great company #ThanksForTheMemories

Finally a few of my favourite & largly non-incriminating photos to share. The incriminating ones are locked away safely in a vault (apart from the few that leaked on twitter that is! that’s where you’ll find the green wigs…).

Kim (@XDinformer) & Myself (@XDtipster) after a successfull TechEdge delivery:

Free Swag from the M7 party @ the house of Blues: Don’t ask!!!

Mr Ryan Butler (Senior Manager, World Wide Support Readiness) sporting @XDtipsters infamous 3D Glasses:

Mr Shaun Wendland (Senior Escalation Engineer) & Myself having a well deserved drink after completing the Journey on day 2:

Flash Mob Crew:

Back row (left to right): Karen Sciberras, Kimberly Ferrie, Lucas Araujo, Attila Valyi.

Front row (left to right): Shaun Wendland, Adolfo Montoya, Mick Glover, Alexander Gonzalez, Andrew Sandford, Chetan Devchand.

Best Regards
Mick Glover (aka XD Tipster)
Senior Readiness Specialist,
Worldwide Support Readiness [EMEA]
Citrix Systems, Inc