One of our Citrix Technology Professionals asked at Synergy how to use the XenApp/XenDesktop PowerShell SDK to get the list of administrators for a specific object, as is shown in Studio:

Studio screenshot showing administrators for an object

It turns out that due to the flexibility of the delegated administration model used in XenApp/XenDesktop, this information isn’t trivially available from the SDK. In order to help the CTP and anyone else who might find this useful, I’ve put together a little PowerShell script which duplicates the logic used by Studio to populate this information:

# Change the snap-ins being added depending on the object type you're interested in
Add-PsSnapin Citrix.Broker.Admin.V2
Add-PsSnapin Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.Admin.V1

# Change Get-BrokerCatalog here as appropriate for the object type you're interested in
# or remove entirely if you're dealing with an unscoped object type
$scopes = (Get-BrokerCatalog -Name "MyFirstCatalog").Scopes | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ScopeId

# First, get all the permissions which are relevant to this object type
# Change "Catalog" here as appropriate for the object type you're interested in
$permissions = Get-AdminPermission | Where-Object { $_.MetadataMap["Citrix_ObjectType"] -eq "Catalog" } |
 Select-Object -ExpandProperty Id

# Now, get all the roles which include at least one of those permissions
$roles = Get-AdminRole | Where-Object {
 $_.Permissions | Where-Object { $permissions -contains $_ }
} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Id

# Finally, get all administrators which have a scope/role pair which matches
Get-AdminAdministrator | Where-Object {
 $_.Rights | Where-Object {
 # [guid]::Empty is the GUID for the All scope
 # Remove the next line if you're dealing with an unscoped object type
 ($_.ScopeId -eq [guid]::Empty -or $scopes -contains $_.ScopeId) -and
 $roles -contains $_.RoleId

As written, this script is hard-coded to fetch the information for a machine catalog, but it should be trivial to change for other object types – for instance, for delivery groups, just change “Get-BrokerCatalog” to “Get-BrokerDesktopGroup” and the “Catalog” object type to “DesktopGroup”. Slightly more changes will be required for those objects in XenApp/XenDesktop which are not capable of being put into a scope, for example, App-V server references. For these cases, just drop fetching of the scopes at the start of the script and the line “($_.ScopeId -eq [guid]::Empty -or $scopes -contains $_.ScopeId) -and” near the end of the script. You’ll note at this point, the answer is independent of the actual object chosen, which is correct: for example, all App-V server references are managed by the same set of administrators.

Hope this helps anyone else who’s interested in doing this sort of thing – if you’ve got any questions, or want to see something similar on a different topic, please ask, either in the comments, on the new Citrix Developer Exchange forums, or via e-mail.


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