Thanks to those of you who attended the security-focused sessions at Citrix Synergy 2014!

Whether you’re looking for the key takeaways, the links to see something you wanted to see again from the session, or are viewing this content for the first time, here’s a recap:

SYN262 Configuring policies and products to meet today’s privacy challenges

Watch on: SynergyTV   YouTube     Presenters: Joseph Nord, Kurt Roemer

Key takeaways:

  • Show mutual respect between corporate administrators and users
  • Educate users, administrators and auditors on value in data separation
  • Provide guidance and tools from the company to keep worlds separate
  • Show users the value of using managed applications on personal devices

Privacy is a collaborative effort!

SYN261 Best practices for maintaining control over Android and iOS tablets and smartphones

Watch on: SynergyTV   YouTube     Presenters: Phil Redman, Kurt Roemer

Key takeaways:

  • BYOD happens whether you like it or not—embrace and secure or ignore at peril
  • BYOD drives fragmentation—so one size security solutions aren’t effective.
  • Match the level of security needed with the device, user, location, data type—not all data needs the same protection
  • Consider training and education a key part of security management
  • Manage privacy at the same time as security—clearly elucidate policies so they are understood by users
  • Assess major security needs every quarter and adjust as necessary

SYN201 Architecting a scalable and more secure next-gen datacenter

Watch on: SynergyTV   YouTube     Presenters: Marissa Schmidt, Kurt Roemer

Key takeaways:

  • Networks are no longer static – security policies must be highly dynamic to remain effective
  • Applications have become the new security boundary, requiring app-specific networking rules
  • Context-sensitive security requirements demand control from apps to geolocation to uVPN
  • Networking services are delivered in a multi-tenant and multi-provider virtual supply chain

Security Defined Networking (SDN) makes the network programmable!