In my last post I discussed one of the hottest topics of today’s modern workforce – BYOD – and the great new partner marketing resources Citrix offers to help address some of the more specific challenges BYOD can cause for IT and CIOs – security. A core priority for any business, the term “security” has so many facets that extend beyond any one initiative or trend of the moment. So, if you thought your opportunities for customer conversations about security were over, think again.

Now’s the time to switch up focus to data security. Why? Because data security matters to each and every one of us, whether it’s the assurance that our own personal data doesn’t get accidentally spilt across the internet for the world to see, or by simply ensuring the latest “for the CEOs eyes only” report didn’t just get placed into the wrong hands (or address book). And let’s be quite honest – security threats are without question on the rise. Recent studies indicate that incidents resulting in losses of more than $10 million are up 51% from 2011*. Yes, that’s right – $10 MILLION.

So just what is it that’s sparking this rise? Well, just take a look at all the extra opportunities out there. The attack “surface” has done more than simply expand – it’s sky-rocketed, bringing with it fresh new challenges as greater volumes of data flow through multiple channels and scenarios. Think customers, partner supply-chains and other such like. Next let’s add to the mix the multitude of new “hot-button” technologies such as cloud computing, mobility and BYOD which, in many circumstances, are often implemented without being fully secured. The result? Security risks have evolved at an entirely different rate to security strategies. This means organizations can often be faced with defending yesterday while their adversaries are exploiting the threats of tomorrow.

The reality is that today’s attackers are smart, they act quickly (84*% of intrusions take place in just minutes) and they don’t rely on just one tactic alone. In fact, 19*% of breaches combine phishing, malware, hacking and entrenchment.

With the technology landscape constantly changing, security technologies have now become a critical factor to creating business advantages. IT is now challenged to maintain pace with the complexities of simplifying security, protecting intellectual property, ensuring data privacy and meeting compliance mandates – to name just a few. At the same time, IT has to be able to effectively empower employees with the right level of secure access and collaboration they need to get their work done – and that’s anywhere, anytime and on any device.

What’s needed is a policy-driven approach to information security. One that’s informed by a deep understanding of both the potential threats and breaches to high-value information and also the motives and targets of potential adversaries. This is where these great new marketing materials, exclusive for Citrix partners, can help bring to life the benefits of deploying a solution from Citrix that is, by nature, secure-by-design.

Partner marketing materials – at your fingertips

Take a sneak peek at some of the great new materials we’ve just launched that you can use to start your data security conversations. These marketing resources are brought to you by our two core marketing automation platforms – Citrix Syndication and Citrix Marketing Concierge. If you’re not familiar with these programs I’d recommend taking a brief moment to read more about how you can take advantage of these core offerings as part of your Citrix partnership. They’re free and offer an array of customizable tactics you can use to get ahead and quickly go to market.

Here are some examples of what’s in store for the data security key play:

1 – Leverage your website as a lead generation and awareness tool. We’ve just launched brand new content to support the security and compliance solution through Citrix Syndication. In this page you’ll find a number of new resources that can directly show your customers how they can protect what matters with the right secure solution. This page contains five new lead-generating assets, plus this great info graphic featuring independent industry research to support validation and seven best practices to protect critical business information. View more examples of available content here.

2 – Take advantage of one (or all) of the new email marketing kits from Citrix Marketing Concierge! There are three to choose from, including  Top requirements for secure enterprise file share and synch; new devices shouldn’t mean new security exceptions and finally the top 10 reasons to strengthen information security with desktop virtualization. Each kit comes loaded with resources, email templates and landing pages that you can customize and send to prospects directly from the platform. To access these campaigns simply launch Citrix Marketing Concierge and filter “Security: Data Security” from within the Campaign Center.

3 – Drive new conversations and extend your reach with social media! We’ve included a handy one-page instructional document “7 days to extend your campaign” to maximize every facet of your campaign simply by leveraging Twitter. This simple concept brings together a combination of your marketing efforts by  repurposing landing pages or proactively driving traffic back to your Citrix Syndication content and also enables you to engage with customers at a new level.  Access these within the  “Security: Data Security” campaigns as highlighted above.

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