Highlights of Support Articles April 2014

Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for April 2014

Highlighted Desktop Virtualization Articles

CTX140509   XenClient Enterprise Things to Know Version 5.1.0
CTX140508 XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer Installation Guide 5.1.0
CTX138918 How to Change Communication Ports in XenDesktop 7.x
CTX136165 How to Add Multiple Sites to Desktop Director
CTX140497 Changing Registration Method on VDA Might Fail
CTX140244 How to Automatically Move Applications to Start Menu using Receiver for Windows 4.x
CTX139460 Change the Network Interface Detail in Existing Host Connection with XenDesktop

Highlighted DataCenter and Cloud Articles

CTX133921   Citrix XenServer and NetApp Storage Best Practices
CTX140428 XenApp and XenDesktop Concepts and Deployment on CloudPlatform
CTX140557 Preparation of Master VM Image Failed Creating Machine Catalog on CloudPlatform
CTX133470 Error: “The Snapshot Chain is too Long”
CTX136351 How to Generate Self-Signed SSL Certificate and Configure CloudPlatform Management Service to Use this Certificate

Highlighted Networking Articles

CTX114146   How to Install an Intermediate Certificate on Access Gateway Enterprise Edition Appliance
CTX200019 IE 11 Users Require Compatibility Mode when Viewing NetScaler Gateway Login Page
CTX139629 Quick Start WCCP GRE 7.1 Guide for CloudBridge 4000/5000
CTX135541 Citrix Repeater Appliance Unable to Leave from Unreachable Domain
CTX136061 Load Balanced MAPI Connections Do Not Optimize
CTX200031 How to change date, time and time zone in CloudBridge
CTX121765 How to Configure HTTP Access to the Citrix CloudBridge Appliance
CTX139963 How To Configure NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront
CTX121561 How to Create Content Switching Policies using Global Server Load Balancing Location Database

Highlighted Enterprise Mobility Articles

CTX140444   Citrix Migrations and Upgrades for XenMobile 8.7
CTX137221 Updating the XenMobile MDM Enterprise App Store for iOS
CTX137131 How to Configure WiFi Policy Without a Certificate
CTX137130 How to Configure Wi-Fi Policy with a Single Certification
CTX137026 Configuring Lotus Domino Directory LDAP Connection with XenMobile
CTX137014 Restricting Face Time Breaks the Apple Siri Voice Dialing
CTX137100 How to Configure Remote Support Fix when Multiple NICs are Configured
CTX136954 How to Verify if Android Device has Correct XenMobile Agent
CTX136988 How to Reset Local Device Manager Administrator Password In Microsoft SQL

Highlighted Citrix Blogs

Citrix Blog   What XenApp and XenDesktop admins need to know about XenMobile
Citrix Blog Citrix Technology Short – Take #1
Citrix Blog Part 5: Anonymous user support for XenApp on FMA
Citrix Blog 4 FAQs about Federal DaaS
Citrix Blog Showdown: AWS vs Azure for desktop delivery
Citrix Blog   Hypervisor Alerts in Citrix Director
Citrix Blog   Part 6: Citrix Connector 7.5 for System Center Configuration Manager
Citrix Blog   OpenCL and NVIDIA CUDA support for Citrix XenServer, XenDesktop and XenApp
Citrix Blog   Best of both worlds. How to combine your favorite *nix tools and the NetScaler shell