Citrix Synergy 2014 might be over, however, during this year’s event I had the pleasure of presenting with my fellow co-worker Tom Davies and customer SSI and their wholly owned subsidiary, Aquipt.

SSI was founded 25 years ago and under the leadership of Rich Wein, the business has grown and evolved with technology trends and the evolution of the services industry to become a managed service provider and, more recently, a cloud services provider with their MySecureCloud platform. Aquipt is a leader in e-discovery and delivers cloud enabled innovation to the legal industry.

SSI MySecureCloud Architecture

Our presentation, about architecting private clouds detailed how SSI delivered cloud-based infrastructures for their customers, enabling them in-turn, to reduce their time to market and costs for infrastructure management.

Citrix CloudPlatform supports the orchestration of different workload types, whether a “traditional” enterprise workload, a purpose designed “cloud-era” workload, or even a desktop workload. Orchestration of these complex workloads requires a flexible network architecture, with support for flat layer-3 networks (with security groups for isolation), layer-2 networks with vLANs, or even overlay isolation for even integration with third party SDN providers.

Citrix CloudPlatform Network Flexibility

One of the benefits to presenting alongside Citrix Diamond partners is the wealth of end-customer experience and customer case studies they have. The audience certainly benefited in hearing about Aquipt’s Matterpoint e-Discovery platform, with both Rich and Sean being asked many questions after the session had ended.

SSI e-Discovery Platform

During one of the Synergy keynotes, we also heard about how XenDesktop 7.5 based clouds were enabling Google Chromebooks within enterprises. Well guess what? SSI as a Citrix Diamond-validated partner already has this in production with customers using that exact solution!

Citrix CloudPlatform is becoming an increasingly integral part of the overall Citrix stack, with customers moving from traditional enterprise infrastructures for applications and desktops to private and hybrid clouds, leveraging the benefits that clouds provide.

Why should an enterprise be forced to deal separately with disparate infrastructures when it is possible to use cloud orchestration and automation for reduced management overhead, with ease and increased scalability? SSI themselves stated:

“Implementing Citrix Cloud Platform has allowed us to grow MySecureCloud over 50% without the additional management burden and cost traditionally associated with doing so. The majority of our time is now spent on the front lines, interacting with customers on a technical and strategic level to drive further growth and increased satisfaction.”

If you would like to know more about this session, beginning May 19, you can access keynote and breakout presentations through the My Account downloads section of Please also take the time to follow any of us on twitter; @mtrouardriolle for myself, @1NomadicViking for Tom Davies and @MySecureCloud for SSI.

Additional information on the CloudPlatform product and CloudPlatform based solutions can be found at:

Find out more about SSI and how they are building a fast growing cloud solutions business on Citrix CloudPlatform.  Click on the following link to see the recently posted SSI case study or the following to find out more about SSI’s MySecureCloud.