The keynote with Mark Templeton at Synergy started with the Happy song – which everyone know so well as I know that even my 7 year old hums it all over the house and car! 🙂   But based on the happy feedback from the NetScaler sessions, here are some of the sessions with key takeaways:

  1. SYN236 – Network integration design for NetScaler SDX.  Edmund Bennett blew us away with his deep technical knowledge of NetScaler as well as Cisco solutions that there was such a long line afterwards for Q&A.  This session also received the following positive blog on this.  Awesome techie session it is!
  2. SYN205  – Maximizing performance and security with NetScaler and XenMobile solution.  What a great way to start this session with Charles Kanavel with The Kanavel Group showing a video of how young kids use Citrix technologies to better different schools’ education systems.   Since it was streaming through SynergyTV, I had a co-worker email me soon after that we were lucky to get Charles for this session.  Indeed it was great to have Charles with us for this session!
  3. SYN207  – Newest and coolest NetScaler features you should be jazzed about.  Talk about the Five Star team for this session!  With 5 speakers all covering different engineering development modules of NetScaler, there were many details that folks walk away with.  Some include details of NetScaler security features that helps in mobile workspace or MobileStream with several optimization features explained as well as TCP optimizations to take advantage of multiple paths and mobile network characteristics
  4. SYN321 – Customizing and securing NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront and XenDesktop. Kenneth Baldwin (formerly with iVision) gave us his perspective and detailed experience to customize NetScaler Gateway and showed that he is very knowledgeable with NetScaler and how he has deployed in his setup.
  5.  SYN103 – Qualcomm ITNET: A network virtualization and private cloud case study.  Another customer session that talked about how NetScaler is used in their environment and the automation tools that they have built to achieve 96% higher efficiency.

There are many more sessions, but I just wanted to highlight a few. If you want to see the rest – please review my previous blog that lists all of the NetScaler sessions and you can also find them at  Be sure to also check out all of the SynergyTV recordings at to catch any sessions you missed or want to revisit.  For those that attended and won the NetScaler Jerseys or the NetScaler Rocks shirts in the NetScaler booth – congrats! 🙂

I hope you’ll  join us at Citrix Synergy 2015 and better yet, if you are a Networking wiz please submit Call for Topics speaking proposal for next year’s event and I will definitely review.  The Synergy team opens the Call for Topics process in the October/November timeframe for the next event.