Hi All,

Recently, I have dealt with an interesting XenApp 6.5 support call where users’ network printers redirected with Citrix UPS were listed twice in published Microsoft Office apps. Upon reviewing the environment and inspecting the UPS config we discovered a duplicated “Universal Printer” entry in the Providers/order server registry location. Removing the redundant value data resolved the issue.

When the UPClient software is installed on a XenApp host, an additional print provider is added to the list of existing print providers such as Windows native, Citrix client printing, and possibly others. The order list is updated to include a single instance of the “Universal Printer” entry and typically appears as depicted below:


There should be normally no need for manual adjustments over there and, to prevent potential in-place UPS upgrades issues, I suggest considering uninstalling the existing UPS version, rebooting the server, and applying the new version in its place.

Wishing All a great Citrix day,
Marek Dresler