I’m very happy to offer everyone a beta tool for converting Citrix Application Streaming (CAS) profiles (.profile packages) to App-V 5 sequences (.appv packages).  We are looking to gain feedback and validation on these capabilities – which is where everyone reading this comes in.

We’ve created this conversion utility to provide customers an automated means to covert their existing CAS packages to App-V 5 sequences.  And while granted this conversion utility may not provide you 100% success rate, it should certainly provide enough successful conversions to significantly assist you in the process.

We certainly look forward to your feedback and suggestions with this utility so please post any such feedback here: http://discussions.citrix.com/forum/1273-application-streaming/

There are some limitations (such as support for scripts and IIC support) that are all covered in the admin guide included in the download package (as well as links to some useful blogs).  Please be sure to review this guide first.  The download is here: https://citrix.sharefile.com/d-sb09d6e0c97f479ab  — MD5 5df6b6aef278d1386395d130cfd2ed2c

Part of this package includes some PowerShell scripts to enable automation.  There are three scripts included that you may feel free to build on.  The first is the script to actually run the migration utility.  Then there are two other scripts to be leveraged with Hyper-V 2012 R2.  The first enumerates all the .profile packages from a target directory and then feeds these to another script that leverages a Hyper-V VM which is reverted to a snapshot after each conversion (keeping the VM clean for each conversion).

Building on this utility, Tim Mangan created a simple and effective way to do a basic launch test.  To leverage this in an automated way will require additional scripting to spin up a VM, copy the App-V sequence output folder to the VM and then psexec launch Appv_Manage.exe /R path/file.appv (and of course revert to the previous snapshot between tests).

For now we do not have this script yet but I’ll work on getting that for you soon.  For those handy with PowerShell please feel free to share if you create one.  In fact it will be similar to the script included in the Citrix download package that performs these same sequence of events with the sequencer.

Tim’s utility will add, publish and then launch all shortcuts. Any detected issues result in a negative number being returned, otherwise zero is returned for success.  Some errors are not automatically caught, such as app putting up a modal error dialog box.  You can grab this tool from here: http://www.tmurgent.com/appv/index.php/resources/AppV_Manage/221-appv-manage-introduction and details on using it via command line for testing is located here: http://www.tmurgent.com/appv/index.php/resources/AppV_Manage/290-appv-manage-and-automated-testing

Please share your feedback and comments on how we could make this even better for you and your conversion efforts.  Also, please check this video out for a walk though of this utility – http://www.citrix.com/tv/#videos/11312

Also hopefully many of you have been following our XenApp and XenDesktop blog series in the last month. If you’re just catching up, this series focuses on common use cases engineers are working to solve on the new Flexcast architecture.