I spent last week in Anaheim, CA at Synergy 2014.  That is not a new occurrence for me, since I have been at Synergy since it was iForum and we debuted the Provisioning Server functionality during the Keynote, when it was still Ardence.  What was new for me was the ability to use only my iPhone and iPad, and still remaining a fully functional employee.

Normally, I would have been carrying a backpack with my MiFi, Macbook, and several cables, but not this year.  I was able to survive and be productive with just my “mobile” devices.  This got me thinking, “What is Mobility”?  Is it the ability to work anywhere? yes, but it is much more.  Is it the ability to access applications, data, and services, from any device? Yes.  It is really the culmination of all of these, without any hindrance.

When I started in IT, MIS really, there was no such thing as a remote work capability.  We had some very rudimentary tools that allowed the VAX, Wang VS, and IBM mainframe to send notifications to a pager, but that was it.  To make any real changes, we would need to have “fingers on the keyboard” to be productive.  When we were finally able to get a modem to connect to our desktop, then we could work from home on 300 baud, but usually only by typing a command and then waiting.  Boy, things have changed.

Last week proved something that I had been evangelizing for years with Citrix.  I am the mobile device, what I do matters, and I am now fully productive wherever I happen to be at that time.  Leveraging XenMobile, XenDesktop, XenApp, securely and leveraging the services provided by Citrix, using Citrix, I am now the ultimate mobile device.

Mobile Workspaces allows me to be more productive, wherever I am, on whatever device I happen to be using, regardless of the network, location, or task.  No task is unavailable to me, whether it is responding to an email, approving a status report, or creating a document, I can do it all.

Thanks Citrix!