Gone are the days when a mobile-enabled web presence was an afterthought. According to CNN, “Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet (in January 2014) — the first time that has ever happened.”

As the adoption of mobile devices continues to expand, with “143 million smart phones in use in the U.S., and 71 million tablets.” (Heidi Cohen), and considering that mobile internet access enabled by smartphones and tablets has nearly doubled the amount of time spent online since 2010 (Heidi Cohen); IT organizations are challenged to keep up with the mobile demands of today’s fast-paced workforce and at the same time secure critical business data.

The demand for mobile access is imperative for keeping the workforce productive and effective, but at the same time IT organizations are facing a somewhat complicated mobility problem. The ability to take Windows applications and desktops mobile has many advantages, but the variation in mobile device types, including form factor and platform, makes the process of identifying a single solution to address all the employees’ requirements complex.

As mobile workstyles transform the way people and businesses work, remote access is becoming more important than ever. In enabling people to work anywhere, on any device, you need to meet IT’s requirements for security and manageability—but it’s just as important to consider user experience.

Citrix delivers a solution that goes beyond simply enabling remote access to give people what they really need and want: simplicity, consistency and a high-definition experience no matter how or where they work. IT can fully address its requirements for security and manageability while delivering a solution people love, and would feel lost without. For the business, a more mobile and flexible workforce increases productivity and agility.

Virtual application delivery to mobilize your business

With over 120 million users, Citrix XenApp is the industry-leading solution for virtual application delivery, providing Windows apps as secure mobile services. With its proven, secure-by-design solution that keeps valuable data locked down in the data center and empowers your mobile workforce, IT can:

  • Provide secure remote access for today’s mobile workforce
  • Support a variety of devices to keep mobile users productive
  • Control and encrypt access to apps and data to improve security

Partner Marketing Resources

In order to help Citrix partners generate demand and quickly go-to-market, we have created Citrix co-branded, customizable campaigns that are complete with emails, landing pages, thank you pages, as well as a plethora of supporting documents exclusively for Citrix partners. These materials and resources are offered as a benefit for being a Citrix partner, at no cost, to support all of our partners’ marketing needs.

To access these campaigns simply log in to Citrix Marketing Concierge, select campaign center and filter on Apps: Windows Apps.

There are two new email campaigns, ready for you to execute from Citrix Marketing Concierge today.

These kits are complete with resources such as white papers, videos, copy blocks, suggested tweets and more.  Each kit is designed to aid in demand generation and increase marketing power.

  • Apps: Windows App Delivery: Citrix XenApp mobilizes Windows apps and data. This kits is designed to promote simple, secure ways to deliver a great experience for remote users.
  • Apps: Windows App Delivery: Citrix XenApp Secure by Design. Use this kit to learn how to empower people to use Windows applications and native mobile apps on any type of device – with full security.

Looking for more information?

For more information about these free programs offered exclusively for Citrix partners, simply visit www.citrix.com/partnercentral today and select “Marketing Programs”.

Please note, to access these pages you will need to use your Citrix Partner Central credentials.

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