Since Storefront 1.2, Storefront has offered some Power Management capabilities for desktops.  It is able to start a desktop when a user clicks on an icon by contacting the broker service which then spins up a machine on a hypervisor, it can also be used to start up RemotePC desktops that support Wake-on-Lan.  It can also be used to restart desktops if a user desktop has a problem or hangs and the user then needs to perform a soft reboot.  This is particularly useful so that the end user is empowered to perform restarts themselves before contacting the help desk if their desktop experiences an issue.

Desktop restart can be available as an option when a user logs in to StoreFront.  When a user requests to restart a desktop  that is assigned to them, the desktop is power cycled and upon reboot it should allow them to re-connect to it.

The StoreFront interface that is presented to the end user is now more dynamic than the Web Interface one.  If a user wishes to restart their desktop they need to right click on the icon to see what options are available to them.  The following screen shot shows the default choices available for a desktop.

When a user selects the restart option they will see the following window pop-up.

If they confirm that they want to restart the desktop then it will be power cycled and the status in StoreFront will change with a spinning icon indicating that the desktop is being restarted and you need to wait.

Once the desktop has finished restarting the icon will then change again showing a play button that the machine is now ready and can be connected to.

Alternatively an administrator may not wish the user to have the ability to restart their desktops.  This can be disabled through the PowerShell SDK through a property of the Broker Access Policy.  The cmdlet get-brokeraccesspolicyrule will show you all of the access policies created from each delivery group.  The property to determine if the option to restart your desktop is available is ‘AllowRestart’.

In the case of our environment it is currently set to true.  However if we set it to false then the user will not see the ‘Restart’ option for their desktop in Storefront.

When the user next logs in to StoreFront, or refreshes the StoreFront page and right clicks on their desktop icon again, the restart option will no longer be available.

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