How platform flexibility and automation make it possible for you to do anything—fast

It’s hard enough to anticipate what the world will look like next year, let alone at the end of a five-year technology roadmap. No organization can afford to get locked into a single version of the future—not Citrix, and not our customers. As we work to deliver on our vision for mobile workspaces, we’re also designing every element of our strategy to allow optimal flexibility to adapt to new requirements and opportunities. We want to give people as much freedom of choice as possible—including the freedom to operate and make changes at cloud speed.

One aspect of this is something we call platform-style innovation, a more open and extensible way of thinking about development. Instead of focusing narrowly on standalone products, we’re providing interfaces that make it simple for our customers and partners to assemble all kinds of solutions to meet specific needs—the way you’d build your own unique creation from lego-style  bricks. Diverse technologies and capabilities from across the entire Citrix ecosystem become available to solve problems and drive value, and newly introduced products can be added into the mix just as easily. It’s a way of breaking the constraints of traditional systems and providing an ageless architecture designed for constant innovation.

As solutions grow more complex, they can also become more difficult and time-consuming to deploy. There are reference architectures and validated designs, but people still end up deploying things by hand with no provision for repeatability or automation. So we’re doing something about that, too.   At Synergy, we previewed a simpler and faster way to create and deliver app, desktop, data and mobility services to mobile workspaces. In addition to a rich portfolio of Citrix technologies, the platform preview provides a design automation capability that will transform the way we think about deployment: automation blueprints.

In this showcased preview in the day two keynote, each time you deploy a Citrix product, you’ll be able to create a blueprint that captures every aspect of the deployment. Over time, you build up a growing memory bank of blueprints that you can use to automate subsequent deployments—everything from configuring network elements to performing integrations to setting up directories. Along the way, real-time validation and a self-healing architecture help eliminate the kinds of errors that add time and cost to so many projects. The showcased technology can trigger a deployment with a single click, monitor the related back-end services and resource utilization, scale it automatically, and get it done faster, more simply and at a lower cost than you ever could have imagined. As new elements and best practices emerge to refine your solution, they become part of the blueprint as well, so every deployment you perform is as good as the best you’ve ever done.

The preview featured technology designed to help you in the cloud, but also with on-premise deployments.  The previewed platform integrates with your existing enterprise resources as well as leading clouds to allow you to deploy and manage solutions across any type of hybrid environment—on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, whatever makes the most sense for your business.

An essential part of moving at cloud speed is being empowered to do your best work more easily. We recognize that user experience matters for administrators as much as it does for the people they support. All of these integrations and automated capabilities are designed with an experience-first approach that keeps things simple no matter what infrastructure people have now, from IBM mainframes to Google cloud services—with the flexibility to adapt easily wherever their deployment strategy goes next. More than just a set of products, Citrix is committed to delivering great experiences for our customers throughout the technology lifecycle. So you can always move at cloud speed.

Matthew Morgan, SVP of Product Marketing at CitrixAbout the author

Matthew Morgan is the vice president of corporate product marketing for Citrix.  In this role, Mr. Morgan oversees global product marketing for all Citrix solutions.    His background includes twenty years in enterprise software, including leading worldwide product marketing organizations for HP Software, Mercury Interactive, and Blueprint.  Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIN or visit his personal blog.