Highlights from the third and final day of the Citrix Synergy Lunch Table Tech Chats

A huge thank you to our volunteers!

  1. Community Kees Baggerman  @kbaggerman 
  2. Community Ingmar Verheij  @IngmarVerheij
  3. Mobility  Barry Schiffer  @barryschiffer
  4. Mobility  Magnar Johnsen @magnarjohnsen
  5. Networking Ryan Revord  @rsrevord
  6. Networking  Walter Williams  @Obwrong
  7.  Speak Your Geek Ryan Gallier @tabularasa138
  8. Speak Your Geek Shaun Ritchie  @shaunritchie_uk
  9. Virtualization  Theresa Miller  @24x7itconnect
  10. Virtualization Jo Harder  @joharder

@ChrisFleck joins the Lunch Table Tech Chats

Community User Group Tables

@kbaggerman and @IngmarVerheij

Today we continued talking about user groups, twitter and community is general. Quite a number of CTP’s joined the discussion which led to new connections and information being shared. A number of people brought some challenges to the table which could be helped by referring to the subject matter experts sitting on one of the tables, a lot of magic happened. Some participants are interested in starting user group in the region and are searching for help, where do I start and told us they were expecting help from Citrix but didn’t got it from their local sales reps. Citrix – specifically Perrine Crampton –  is working on a starter kit, guidelines and a platform for user groups to collaborate even more and help new Citrix User Groups (CUGs) get started!

Mobility Tables

@barryschiffer and @magnarjohnsen

Today was all about the complete Citrix portfolio, the chat started with mobility but we discussed XenServer, NetScaler, XenApp and XenDesktop.

What we heard today is that most of the customers are working on the MDM part of XenMobile and only start to look into the broader Enterprise Mobility suite.

It has been a great week of Tech Chats around mobility. We definitely see a great demand for information.

Networking Tables

@rsrevord and @Obwrong

No report today.

Virtualization Tables

@24x7itconnect and @joharder

   Virtualization lunch chats today were very engaging.  Topics included the value of certification and VDI.  The group felt that the need for certification to acquire new positions in IT was not as important as it had been back in the 90’s.  Experience and personality were considered most valuable traits for those pursuing new jobs for all industries represented during the talks.  Many did feel there was value with certifications for partners, but again they were more attracted to experience.  Some said that pursuing certification was important for better understanding of the topic and sense of accomplishment.   VDI was also discussed heavily and all participants had some level of VDI installed.  It was recommended that if you are unsure of which VDI vendor to use take the time to do a POC with predetermined use case within your organization.  Then allow your users to determine which product will provide the best performance for their application needs.  The consensus was that XenDesktop typically came out ahead of the competitors from their experience.

Virtualization topics centered on some of the pain points of current and planned implementations.  The mix of attendees helped provide each other with possible solutions and recommendations on items ranging from apps that don’t cleanly log off to printer drivers to migration tips.  We all have high hopes for the upcoming XenApp upgrade tool.  Attendees talked about the importance of the hypervisor as related to conflicting Citrix vs. Industry discussion regarding XenServer.  User profiles and application remediation as part of migrations was also discussed.

Lunch table tech chat on Virtualization

Speak Your Geek Tables

@tabularasa138 and @shaunritchie_uk

Today was another good day at the Speak Your Geek tables.  Ryan’s table started out with a conversation of Public vs. Private cloud and the cost factors.  They then talked about profile management and what should be an acceptable login time.  They then moved to talking about the Citrix CSP program and how it works.  They  talked about data privacy and billing challenges and how it relates to the CSP program.  Lastly, they had a good discussion on VMWare vs. Citrix.

At Shaun’s table they talked about VMWare view vs XenDesktop / XenApp and the fact that VMWare does not have any remote access component. One attendee was trying to do a VDI implementation using pVD so we talked about that in detail. Everyone agreed that using PowerShell was now mandatory. They discussed the fact that a lot of companies will start moving to the cloud in the next few years.