Bendixkiel is a dedicated team of Podio Work Architects. Bendixkiel designs, builds and implement solutions based on the social technology and work platform Podio. Bendixkiel solves critical business issues and improve productivity together with your team, by utilizing the work platform Podio. Bendixkiel have more than 4 years experience and are a Podio Partner and Citrix Partner. Bendixkiel is working with large and small organizations around the world.

Citrix Podio is the social collaboration tool that allows you to build apps and set up workspaces to support your preferred workflows and help you be more effective. Easily manage projects and other business processes and interact with clients, partners and team members, anytime, anywhere.

Bendixkiel in collaboration with Citirx Podio developed SmartGantt.

SmartGantt is a Gantt Chart extension for Podio. It enables Podio users to start working with gantt charts visualization. SmartGantt enables the users to start working with dependencies between deliverables as well as easy editing of data through drag-n-drop. It will become easier for the user to edit dates on eg. multiple deliverables that are in a dependant relationship, simply by using the drag-n-drop feature.

Click here for more details on SmartGantt.

Now, we have certified the SmartGantt as Citrix Ready with Citrix Podio.

Click here for more details about the Citrix Ready program for Citrix Podio.

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