Another year, another Synergy.  This one is shaping up to be one of the best.  25 year anniversary for Citrix and Mark Templeton’s last year as CEO, what more could you ask for.

The day started early with keynote at 9am. I got to the convention center early as we had our Customer for Life customers meet and greet.

The pre-show kickoff around 8:30am with Adam Jaques and Amanda Saunders  warming up the audience with a series of interviews.

A live band, called iBand played a few songs, using iPads! Phenomenal, here is a clip. They even played a U2 song, my favorite band, and no, not just because I’m Irish 🙂

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams is blasted out and Mark enters center stage wearing a hat and throwing some dance moves!  Standing ovation which is great.

Mark begins to thank everyone. Clearly he knows its his last keynote and starts to choke up.

So here is a summary of all the announcements, I’m sure you’ve read them elsewhere:

  • Citrix Workspace Suite – now available. More here.
  • Citrix Receiver X1 (combining MDX and HDX technology into one client)
  • Citrix XenMobile 9
  • NetScaler 10.5
  • Citrix Workspace Services (Cloud platform for delivering DaaS and virtual apps)
  • Sharefile connectors (easier access to other providers like DropBox, etc.)
  • XenApp Migration Tools

Some great quotes yesterday

  • The ultimate mobile device is YOU!
  • DOS = “Don’t own stuff” and “Don’t own Servers”
  • We have to do good IT
  • “Experience first”, no matter what your doing
  • Work is not a place, it’s a thing we do. Work is wherever we find inspiration

Check out some pictures from the keynote

So that about summed up keynote. I had to leave a bit early to get over to the Services Pavilion for the opening.

The Solutions Expo opened shortly after keynote and the place was buzzing up to 9pm. Here are a few pictures I took walking about Solutions Expo.

I took a walk around XenCity, which is located next to the Solutions Expo. In XenCity you will find the Social Media Hub, Game Zone, Citrix Shop, coffee bar.  Here are some photos I took while walking around.

Hope everyone got to see the keynote.

More to come tomorrow.
David McGeough
Program Manager, WW Services Marketing