Highlights from day two of the Citrix Synergy Lunch Table Tech Chats (click the link for the specific times.)

This ‘birds of a feather’ event is great for everyone.

Did you find the tables? You’re looking for pillar B16 as seen in the photo below. 

Look for pillar B16 🙂

These special lunch tables are provided for anyone who wants to have an unfiltered chat with fellow Citrix Synergy attendees on one of five topics: 

  • Citrix Community User Groups
  • Mobility
  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • Speak Your Geek

Community User Group Tables

@kbaggerman and @IngmarVerheij

At the community tables the use of twitter was discussed, how are you using it and how could you benefit from it? CTP Helge Klein joined the discussion and mentioned that 90% are lurkers and use Twitter to just read the content, which was confirmed by the people at the table. Subject matter experts, like CTP’s and bloggers, are frequently sharing new insights in the Citrix products available (and coming). Everyones welcome to join the online discussion and share your insights.

During discussions regarding user groups participants from Australia mentioned the presence of a “Citrix MVP program”, a local organised group with professional positioned under the CTP program. Nonetheless there’s a need for user group to share knowledge with partners and customers. A recurring topic sharing information by partners, aren’t you giving away your company knowledge? Does it hurt your business if you share with other partners? No, you’re increasing the knowledge of the industry and showing customers that you’re the subject matter expert and the company to hire.

Mobility Tables

@barryschiffer and @magnarjohnsen

We had a great mobility Lunch Table Tech Chat today with an almost packed table. Attendees were a mix of partners and customers both sales and tech.

One of the biggest takeaways is that there is no such thing as a “standard use case” in the mobility landscape.

Most mobility customers start with some kind of device management management use case mostly in regard to some form of security use case.

We discussed using the XenMobile cloud hosted products and, although this sounds interesting, there seem to be too many restrictions , either governmental or company, and most of it will be on premise.

A quote that I heard and loved, at our table is “XenMobile is a whole new type of Flexcast architecture”

Networking Tables

@rsrevord and @Obwrong

More talk of 10.5 and the java is still the most exciting new feature everyone wants to ask about.

Today we talked about the benefits of considering Cloudbridge deployments since they are included with the platinum license, the catch phrase that came up was you have nothing to loose by trying it.

The other hot topic that was discussed was which team or more specific how should the netscaler be managed since its a device that affects so many.

Virtualization Tables

@24x7itconnect and @joharder

@JoHarder helps out at the Virtualization Lunch Table Tech Chat table.

The “Virtualization” Lunch Table Chats today were well attended and a lot of great topics were covered.  The consensus was that PVS was the best way to implement upgrades and hotfixes, primarily because of the occasional need to roll back quickly.  The discussion moved to the Expo hall exhibitors.  It seems that the most interest is in the area of storage solutions, and there was particular interest in the new vendors and products.  The new WorkSpace Services offering was discussed, and there were many questions raised as to capabilities and functionality.  Heads nodded as to taking a hard look at WorkSpace Services later in 2H14.  One of the more complex issues that the attendees have addressed relates to StoreFront functionality and lack of parity with Web Interface, including ADFS.  When discussing the best part of the keynote, the discussion focused on MarkT and his many contributions to Citrix.   We will miss you Mark!

Attendees were excited about VDI and were actively using the technology.  There was an organization present that had 70% of their desktops virtualized, very impressive!  The consensus was that desktops published with XenApp had a smaller resource footprint and worked much better than it had years ago with older versions of XenApp.  Organizations also were using true VDI with XenDesktop and their users were happy.  The type of virtual desktop deployed depended on requirements to do their work and the defined “use cases”.  In general personal vDisks were not used heavily and for some they were even problematic.  Citrix Native Printing was a hot topic today and the group strongly felt that Citrix Universal Printer Driver was the way to go.  Third party printing was not a favorite and the organization using this technology was ready to bail.

Speak Your Geek Tables

@tabularasa138 and @shaunritchie_uk

Today was a lot better as we started a lot earlier with nearly 1.5 hours of tech chat, catching people as they arrived with their lunch boxes. The tables were a lot fuller and there was a lot of good conversations going on.

We discussed a lot about NetScaler, in particular NetScaler VPX licensing and bandwidth limits, the fact that using NetScaler Insight has an impact when sizing NetScaler appliances, the removal of the need for Java to use NetScaler console, and there were some lengthy discussion going on about doing secure LDAP authentication on NetScaler.

People talked about the different type of thin clients that they were using and how they managed them.

At Ryan’s table they debated the future of XenServer, how to move to the cloud, and the cost of storage, video renderings using local app access, Intel vs NVIDIA, server management, and the fact that Intel is being stifled by its resellers and there was interest in the Moonshot technology.

There was a long discussion on PVS vs MCS as well and both tables talked about the new Citrix Workspace Services.

Thank you to all the leads. You’ll recognize them. They are wearing black and white striped shirts – like referees. (See the photo above.)