Today, Citrix announced that XenMobile 9.0 will be available by the end of June – only four short months after the release of XenMobile 8.7.  In the fast moving world of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), frequent releases of EMM products are the norm, not the exception as each vendor tries to outperform the other.  However, XenMobile 9.0 is not just another EMM release.  It will fundamentally change the way both IT and users view mobility.

Users have started to reap the benefits of an official company sanctioned BYOD program that allows them to use their own smartphone or tablet for work without fear of being reprimanded.  But users have had to make due with consumer apps for email, document sharing and editing that are missing secure and business features required to make them more productive at work.  XenMobile 9.0 is going to introduce them to a whole new work experience with business-grade features such as the ability to forward meeting invites to co-workers, clicking on a single button on their calendar to let meeting attendees know they’re running late, or quickly triaging their in-box with fast sort and search capabilities as they stumble out of bed with cellphone in hand, ready to face the challenges of a new work day.  XenMobile 9.0 is optimized for users’ mobile workspace and workstyle.

Many first generation EMM products endeavor to make users more productive while enabling IT to protect company data, but the user experience of these products is still inadequate.  Even in the case of “secure” apps such as email and content sharing offered with first generation EMM products are rejected.  With XenMobile 9.0’s usability enhancements and integrated business-grade productivity apps, meeting the requirements to secure data while satisfying users is no longer a zero-sum game.

We’re still in the early days of being able to realize the full potential of mobile devices, but it’s clear that the business user is in the driver seat.