Today, Citrix announced a technology preview of new workflow-driven mobile productivity apps, including WorxNotes™, WorxEdit™, and WorxDesktop™ that will change the way users conduct work from their smartphone and tablets.  Most mobile users have had to make due with off-the-shelf consumer productivity apps. And while these mobile apps are designed to share information, they’re not designed to easily integrate business tasks within a given workflow to save the user time.  Try forwarding a meeting invite to multiple colleagues that also includes a file attachment that they can then view and edit on their mobile device.

The new apps from Citrix are workflow-driven mobile productivity apps with intelligent integrations that seamlessly work together. For example, from the WorxMail application, users can create a GoToMeeting/WebEx or Lync meeting; add invitees, delete invitees, change the time of the meeting, attach multiple ShareFile documents and even provide an internal web link that will automatically launch a secure browser with no additional passwords or PINs.  This complex mobile workflow can be completed without ever leaving the WorxMail application.  That’s powerful!

Mobility has provided both IT and users with an opportunity to understand how to approach different tasks and break them down into simple, steps that hide a lot of the complexity.  Does a sales rep really need to sign into 3 different applications and fill out a total of 50 fields to get an invoice approved?  Or can the task be performed with a click of a button from a smartphone after logging into a mobile app that front ends the entire workflow?

Enabling users to have a better work-life balance is what we think about here at Citrix day in and day out and the new Worx Apps – WorxNotes™, WorxEdit™, and WorxDesktop™ are coming soon.

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