A category is born—welcome to the world of mobile workspaces

The first day of Citrix Synergy marks a milestone for our company, our customers and the way people work. With the products, technologies and partnerships we’ve announced in Los Angeles today, Citrix is pioneering a new category called Mobile Workspaces—solutions that empower people to work anywhere, on any device, over any network or cloud, with full access to the apps, desktops, files and services their work relies on.

Mobile workspaces represent the culmination of our vision for a better way to work. These solutions build on our leadership in virtualization, mobility, networking and cloud services to deliver what our customers have been asking for—the ability to let people choose when, where and how work gets done. It’s the kind of freedom, flexibility and choice that inspires people and organizations to aim higher and go further.

Here’s a recap of today’s news—the building blocks of our mobile workspace solutions—with links to further detail.

The Citrix Workspace Suite – This is a single, flexible solution that incorporates everything you need to deliver instant, secure, self-service access to all apps, desktops, data and services from any device over any network. People gain a personalized, high-performance user experience, while IT gets a streamlined, secure-by-design and flexible solution to address every mobility and productivity use case in the organization.

Previews of enhancements to Citrix XenApp® and Citrix XenDesktop® – App and desktop virtualization play a foundational role in our mobile workspace solutions. We’re continuing to innovate on these definitive products with even higher security, any-device access, high-definition performance over any network and simpler roaming across devices. With these refinements, we’re optimizing these proven solutions for a new era of mobile productivity.

NetScaler® MobileStream™ Technology – As IT goes mobile-first, we’ve built new technology into NetScaler to improve mobile network and application performance, network visibility and security. MobileStream Technology is designed to work with the Workspace Suite to deliver apps and content faster to mobile devices regardless of how people connect, so they can experience the full freedom and productivity made possible by our mobile workspace solutions.

New features for Citrix ShareFile® – To be productive, people need to be able to access all their files on a moment’s notice. Now ShareFile makes it possible for you to let people access and edit files from multiple on-premise and cloud data sources on their mobile devices—including any enterprise content management system as well as users’ own Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts. We’ve also given businesses more control over their own data encryption keys—even for content stored in the cloud.

New Citrix XenMobile® features and apps – People will love their mobile workspaces more than ever with an enhanced user experience and new mobile productivity apps for XenMobile. It’s now easier to navigate quickly among email, calendar and contacts, and new apps will add capabilities for notes, local content editing and remote access to physical desktops. The solution is also now more secure, scalable and automated than ever.

The Cisco® Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix – We’ve partnered with Cisco to create a tested, validated enterprise mobility infrastructure solution that makes it simple for you to provide secure access to apps, data, communications and services on any device. This is a powerful joint solution that can be deployed flexibly to meet unique business requirements—it’s the best in mobile workspace technology in a single, complete platform.

A Showcased Preview of Citrix Workspace Services™ – Both Citrix partners and customers  can rapidly build and deliver desktops-as-a-service (DaaS), virtual application delivery and mobility services from any cloud with this new platform for delivering mobile workspaces. The platform builds on the whole spectrum of Citrix solutions, from XenApp and XenDesktop to ShareFile, XenMobile and Citrix GoToAssist®, to help you addresses the full range of user needs simply and manageably.

Each of these products and technologies is powerful in its own right, but it’s what they make possible together that’s truly transformative. We’ve committed our entire company to deliver mobile workspace solutions designed for a new era of mobility, productivity and freedom. We’ve been working hard to pioneer a better way of working—and we’re thrilled to be sharing that work with you today.

Matthew Morgan, SVP of Product Marketing at CitrixAbout the author

Matthew Morgan is the vice president of corporate product marketing for Citrix.  In this role, Mr. Morgan oversees global product marketing for all Citrix solutions.    His background includes twenty years in enterprise software, including leading worldwide product marketing organizations for HP Software, Mercury Interactive, and Blueprint.  Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIN or visit his personal blog.