Cisco and Citrix recently announced the Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix, which combines a number of products from Citrix, such as XenMobile, XenDesktop and ShareFile with Cisco networking, security, collaboration and data center technologies. As you can see from the block diagram below, the solution is modular, building incrementally on our tried and tested BYOD and Desktop Virtualization joint solutions.

While there have been a number of Enterprise Mobility Management partnership announcements, this announcement is one you should pay attention to for one primary reason:  this Solution is based on an end-to-end validated design. That helps your IT team spend more time on enabling your employees with new innovative mobile applications and less time worrying about the mobility infrastructure you need to manage and deliver those apps with the right security and performance.

Most IT organizations are still in the early stages of building out a mobility infrastructure to support their Enterprise Mobility Management strategy.  Many, are focused on supporting their BYOD program by rapidly adopting and implementing Enterprise Mobility Management solutions without having a clear understanding of longer term infrastructure requirements (such as network scalability and performance, multiple cross-platform application delivery and availability) to realize the full potential mobility has to offer to transform their business.

Building a mobility infrastructure to support near term and long term business requirements can go wrong quickly and is complex, extending beyond the abilities of any one vendor.  Moreover, the huge number of necessary integration points can mean significant time and expenditures for organizations attempting to put the pieces together.

The Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix validate design architecture (available end of May 2014) removes a lot of the complexity and guesswork for your IT staff.  In addition, the Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix allows you to more easily and quickly deliver any application – mobile, virtual Windows desktop, SaaS or web apps to your mobile users.  More importantly, the Solution delivers secure, business-grade applications to your users which means your users are more productive and your IT staff has the control they need to protect your information.

It’s worth your time to learn more about the Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix as it provides a clear roadmap to build out the infrastructure you need to support your Enterprise Mobility Management strategy in the short run and longer term.

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