For years, enterprise IT managers have worked to strike a balance between information security and productivity.  They need to keep their company files secure, while still supporting modern workflows for file sharing and syncing.  How do you restrict sensitive information, and yet still allow your employees to quickly and effectively do their jobs?

Enterprise Content Management Systems can be a huge help for IT managers, providing the access controls and security they need, while still allowing employees to implement efficient workflows.  However, sometimes ECM systems can be difficult to upgrade, and these systems can remain in place for several years. This can leave the ECM system at a disadvantage to its Cloud counterpart. One such example of this is in terms of mobility. ECMs do not often have the ability to provide direct and secure mobile access to data behind the corporate firewall.

Introducing the ShareFile StorageZone Connectors SDK

Citrix has introduced a system that allows IT managers to keep their files on-premises in their secure data centers, while still harnessing the technological agility of cloud development.  Once an IT manager deploys the ShareFile StorageZone Controller, they can connect to their 3rd party ECM systems.  ShareFile created two of these connectors, one for SharePoint document libraries and another for network file shares.

Taking it one step further, Citrix is pleased to announce SDK that developers can use to create connections to other third-party data sources.  Once installed, end users can access files from the data source on their mobile device by navigating to a custom connector folder.  This allows IT managers to bridge their secure data system with ShareFile, thereby expanding the types of data users can access and edit on the go. As ShareFile features continue to update and expand, the connected ECM system will immediately benefit by being able to take advantage of these updates.

Citrix has worked with two partners to expand the types of enterprise data that can be accessed on the go.  Point.IO and CloudFuze have successfully implemented the Connectors SDK, and with it, provided several useful connectors to ECM systems including FileNet, Documentum, Alfresco and Salesforce.  We will continue to work with these partners to increase the value of these connectors by adding new functionality.

Next Steps

We continue to look for more interested partners who would like to implement the Connectors SDK. Learn more at the ShareFile Developer Community.  For more information about ShareFile Enterprise, please see  You can also see the latest developments being showcased at Citrix Synergy here