Personal. Secure. Comprehensive.

These three ideas are why today is a great day for Citrix and for mobile individuals. This morning on the Synergy keynote stage we announced Citrix Workspace Suite, a mobile workspace solution that changes the game for business mobility and how organizations provide personal, secure, and comprehensive solutions to the truly mobile workforce.

This announcement is not just about a new product. But instead, Citrix is leading the way in delivering solutions that are designed with people in mind. People that change their work habits daily. People that have greater expectations of technology than ever before. People that are empowered to do anything it takes to work their way.

Citrix Workspace Suite disregards the technology silos of desktop computing and mobility and focuses on the experience people desire when trying to work from different locations. For people, access to a desktop computing environment is ideal when in the office, at home, or in a location where there is a full keyboard, mouse and monitor and the job is to create content. Alternatively, access to just apps and data is ideal when on a smaller screen where a mouse and keyboard may not be present. And for people on a United flight (typically, those without Internet – you know I’m right!), access to local content is a requirement. Regardless of the scenario, catering to people’s habits and expectations around how work gets done is impossible if only thinking in “desktop” or “mobile” terms.

This is why we are so excited about Citrix Workspace Suite. This solution unites all content (apps, desktops, data, and services) for secure delivery to people in the way that best suits their working style. Citrix Workspace Suite is:

  • Personal. As an individual, I know my devices are sacred – I would be lost without them. The apps I have chosen on my devices are a direct part of my day-to-day life. My email, my pictures, my data all go with me wherever I go. And now, so does my mobile workspace. With Citrix Workspace Suite, I have seamless access to everything I need to do my job on all my same devices that host my personal content. I even have a self-service app store for enterprise services like I’ve always had for my personal services. Corporate apps, data and services are fully integrated into my home screen on my various mobile devices and my desktop environment so that I can access both my personal and corporate content wherever I am with no change in experience.

Mobility is changed forever: Wherever people are, whatever device they are on, their content (personal and corporate) never leaves their side.

  • Secure. For IT organizations, security is the No. 1 inhibitor to implementing a security strategy – above budget and staffing. Furthermore, when asked about the concerns with people using mobile devices for work, we learned that the top 5 concerns all centered on security; the top 3 were data privacy, access control and regulatory compliance. (Note, this is a sneak peek of a recent survey we conducted of more than 650 IT decision makers – more to come after Synergy!) Citrix Workspace Suite provides enterprise-grade security to ensure data and applications are always secure and compliant. Organizations can minimize the loss of intellectual property and sensitive private information through the centralization of applications and desktops, which keeps all data in the datacenter. In addition, IT can add features, such as data encryption, password authentication, secure lock and wipe, inter-app policies and micro VPNs to mobile apps and data to further secure content on the device.

Mobility is changed forever: Security now follows the individual across all corporate content they touch.

  • Comprehensive. Over the years, businesses have not kept pace with user requirements around application and data access on any device, from anywhere. Instead, technology purchases were done to help address tactical pain points – hosted apps for remote access, virtual desktops for contractors or mobile device management for corporate-owned mobile devices. As a result, organizations face challenges with multiple, costly infrastructures, each requiring its own management, support and skillset. With Citrix Workspace Suite, organizations have a single, flexible solution that will deliver the right content to EVERY user. Contractors can access their shared, RDS-based desktops from their homes; branch office workers can access their VDI desktops with an optimized connection; road warriors can leverage a local desktop with local apps; and workers that require mobile access will have all of their content delivered to their mobile devices, securely and seamlessly. And most importantly, the same solution enables people to seamlessly move among these scenarios all with the same great experience.

Mobility is changed forever: A single solution can meet the constantly changing needs of all individuals regardless of their computing needs, which saves IT time and money.

Introducing Citrix Workspace Suite

Citrix Workspace Suite delivers secure access to apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network to empower mobile workers with the freedom and flexibility to choose how they work.

And, our partners as just as excited as we are! Today, you will hear from some of our technology and System Integrator partners that have built solutions on Citrix Workspace Suite to deliver leading mobility solutions to their customers.

  • Cisco is using Citrix Workspace Suite in its “Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix” to deliver an end-to-end solution that removes the complexity of building an enterprise mobility infrastructure. (Read their blogs here and here)
  • Fujitsu’s WorkPlace Anywhere with Citrix Workspace Suite delivers a blended managed service that enables users to work whenever, wherever and whatever device they choose to maximize their productivity.
  • Combining IBM services and technology with the Citrix Workspace Suite, organizations can take a comprehensive approach to managing their entire user experience from mobile devices to corporate applications, desktops, and data while maintaining a rich user experience.
  • CSC MyWorkStyle provides the apps, data and devices workers need to get more done in less time. Using Citrix Workspace Suite gives CSC the ability to provide a complete, enterprise workspace solution that enables their customers to accelerate business across the world.
  • HP has integrating Citrix Workspace Suite technology into their Client Virtualization Services and Managed Mobility Services to deliver instant and secure mobile access to information and applications.

Personal. Secure. Comprehensive. Business mobility will never be the same.

Join us and our partners in raising a glass to celebrate the Citrix Workspace Suite! (Mine will be a nice Rhone blend :-))

Citrix Partners can learn more about Citrix Workspace Suite here.